Sky Racket the Brazilian game is released for Switch

Sky Racket is developed by the studio Rio de Janeiro Double Dash, the game was already available for PC through Steam, but now it is also available for Nintendo Switch. Check out the Official Site for Switch.

At first Sky Racket is a mix between the classic Shoot'em Up and Block Breacker genres, thus creating the Shmup Breaker; having many retro elements like Fantasy Zone, a SEGA game, but it is a very authentic and indie game that deserves a lot of attention.

The player has to hit enemy projectiles with a super racket, destroying objects and defeating enemies in his path; it looks like a simple game, but in practice, it might not be that simple. To be successful the player will have to understand the movement of the characters by deflecting and hitting in the correct direction.

In Sky Racket you will play with the double RacketBoy or Racket Girl, they are the guardians who were chosen by the Goddess Capybara with the objective of saving the galaxy from a terrible enemy. However, they do not have the ability to attack directly, so they use their magic racket to counter shots from enemies, and use them against themselves, like a space ping-pong.

Sky racket is developed by the studio studio double dash, the game was already available for pc by steam, however now it is also available for nintendo switch.

If you have a Switch and are a fan of indies games, why not play Sky Racket? It is now available in the Nintendo store. Double Dash Studios was pleased to have their game announced by Nintendo itself on April 17th during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, where new indie releases for the Switch were announced.

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Double Dash Studios

Double Dash Studios is a Brazilian developer, but specifically, from Rio de Janeiro, with the objective of developing projects that refer to pop culture; that are fun and innovative through mechanics that already exist. They don't only work with copyrighted products, but also with other things related to games. It is a studio of great experience, working with great Intellectual Properties, as a program from Cartoon Network and Garfield.

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