Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts gets trailer.

Firstly, on August 16, 2019 it was announced by the CI Games the trailer with a release date for the game Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts.

The title will have its global release on November 22 this year, check out the trailer below

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Anyway, the trailer has pieces of gameplay and demonstration of the Siberian scenario, where the game will take place.

The trailer also focuses on the contracts part, which gives the new dynamics to this title, where you control a mercenary, therefore, making the game have a great focus on the stealth and tactics, with pilotable scout drones, special and different binoculars types of ammunition.

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About Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

Finally, experience pure sniping gameplay across Siberia's hostile terrain in a new contract-based system, encouraging strategic thinking in engaging and re-deployable missions.

Comply with contracts that offer clear objectives with a fixed monetary reward and options to complete bonus payment challenges. With hundreds of ways to take down a wide range of targets, Contracts offers accurate and strategic sniping gameplay at its absolute best.

Follow contracts that offer clear objectives, with fixed cash rewards and the possibility to complete bonus challenges to receive prizes. Contracts offer accurate and strategic gameplay thanks to hundreds of ways to eliminate your targets.

  • Play as a hit man. Watch out for rival mercenaries who will try to disrupt your plans.
  • Flexibility, awards and challenges shape contracts that can be repeated to collect money and invest in improvements.
  • The brand new Dynamic Screen System offers a realistic and intense experience.
  • Use the tactical signaling system to mark your targets.
  • Your AR Mask can be improved and has the ability to scan the environment and highlight weaknesses and objects of interest.
  • An arsenal of innovative devices like drones, long-range remote turrets and gas grenades!
  • Slay stealthily for rewards for accuracy and strategy.
  • Finally, challenge the brutal Siberian wildlife and fight for survival in ice-capped mountains, lush forests and hidden bases deep in the mountains.
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

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