Someday You'll Return: Game gets a new song

Today, CBE Software is proud to release the Moravian Folk Song video, featured on the soundtrack to Someday You'll Return, her psychological horror game released on April 14 for PC with Windows.

This Moravian folk song is played by multi-talented Gabriela Vermelho, who also features some of the game's music. Along with its beautiful singing, the video features areas of the game highlighting the Moravian region. Moravia is a historic part of the eastern Czech Republic and home to the people of Moravia. The land is mountainous with a beautiful forest illuminated by the sun, which can at any moment turn into dark urban landscapes that come straight out of Daniel's worst nightmares. These wild and unpredictable regions are the setting for Someday you will return. This ancient land contains history and secrets to be discovered by players as they try to find their missing daughter.

About Someday You'll Return

Someday You'll Return is a psychological horror game based on narratives, with intimate concepts of fatherhood, fears, lies and refusal to accept the past. You play Daniel, father of Stela, your runaway daughter. When you try to find it, you are forced by events to return to a place you have vowed never to return to, the former Moravian forests.

Although the story contains strong elements of horror, the most obvious monsters are not always the most frightening. While your survival skills and quick thinking can advance your quest, malevolent forces rise against you, keeping you and Stela apart. As her research takes her deep into the forest and into her mind, she reveals secrets that should have been buried. So, where are you, Stela?

Someday you'll return
Someday You'll Return: Game gets a new song | CBE Software, pc, someday youll return, Steam | Someday you'll return

Anyway, Someday You'll Return takes place in scenic areas of the Czech Republic, with well-known landmarks to capture the atmosphere of its bohemian nature. The use of a typical Czech forest setting, unlike Scandinavian or American forests, creates a unique atmosphere for players. The locations and myths mentioned in the game are ancient, with some of the tales from Someday You'll Return, dating back to the XNUMXth century.

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