Sonic: The Movie plays Pokemon: Detective Pikachu at the box office debut

Last February 13, the feature Sonic: The Movie arrived. The film became the biggest production debut in history based on a video game.

US $ 57 million was raised at the American box office during the first 3 days of its launch; That surpassed the box office of another more recent film, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, which scored $ 54,3 million.

The film's budget was US $ 85 million, which has already been beaten, as the film has US $ 68 million at the American box office and US $ 43 million internationally, totaling US $ 111 million.

Sonic: the movie

About Sonic: The Movie

Sonic: The Movie, was announced in April last year, by Paramount Pictures; The trailer did not have a good reception from the fans, due to the design of the hedgehog, which did not please anyone, since it looked nothing like the charismatic character of video games.

However, in November, the studio and the director met the criticism of the fans and remade the Sonic model, leaving it very similar to the video games. Anyway, from then on a hype for the film was created;

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The plot tells the story of Sonic, a blue hedgehog, who joins with his friends to defeat Doctor Eggman; Who is a mad scientist who plans to take over the world; And Doctor Robotnik, responsible for imprisoning innocent animals in robots, (Source: AdoroCinema). The cast features the great actor Jim Carrey, who impeccably plays the role of Dr. Eggman.

About Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

The movie that was overtaken by Sonic: The Movie, had its premiere on May 9, 2019, which had a score of 53/100 on metacritic, which actually disappointed quite a few fans, who were very excited about the film since the trailers were announced.

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