COD streamer accidentally fires live revolver

Streamer shoots live

Streamers are a great entertainment vehicle today and this is very good, but always remember, if you are drunk and armed, don't go live, as you can be banned.

Carl Riemer, who is best known for his Call of Duty tricks, was in the middle of a live last night when he started playing with a fully charged Glock. 

After shouting "say you have no money" to an imaginary person, Riemer accidentally unloaded the gun and seemed surprised by the whole situation. 

Here's the infamous moment as it happened:

Fortunately, no one was hurt, but it looks like Riemer will be the one who has no money now, as the episode got a suspension on Twitch - and he was also kicked out of the esports organization SoaR.

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“We do not tolerate the actions on Carl's live broadcast last night. He was removed from the SoaR Gaming list immediately. ”

"[SoaR] did what he needed to, because I'm an idiot," said Riemer in a apology video posted on Twitter . “I could have hurt someone, I could have hurt myself, I could have hurt one of my animals - and that is inexcusable.

“I just don't know what I'm going to do. I put everything on my Twitch for the last three to four years… and I made that mistake and it can ruin everything. ”

In a separate video uploaded to YouTube, Riemer admitted that he was "clearly intoxicated" during the incident, but added that, sober or drunk, "guns are not a toy". Holding a metal cup, he explained that the bullet had shot straight through him and then hit his $ 1000 monitor.

"If I have to do this so that no one else does, I think it works."

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The official apology on Youtube

Although he still has a YouTuber channel with over 850 subscribers, Riemer expressed concern about whether he would be able to receive his Twitch earnings in the previous month - or if he would ever be allowed to return to the platform

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