Street Fighter Fortnite: 2 new characters are coming to battle royale 

Two fighters from the second game in the franchise will appear on Fortnite

Fortnite is coming back with the character selection screen, triggering another crossover with Street Fighter Fortnite that became available on the last day 3.

All fans now have to go to the teaser image that was posted on Twitter, which showed the Super Street Fighter II character selection screen and confirmed that two new fighters will make the leap to Battle Royale.

street fighter fortnite
Street Fighter Fortnite: 2 new characters are coming to battle royale | battle royale, capcom, Epic Games, fortnite, fighting, Multiplayer, namco, street fighter | Street Fighter Fortnite

Street Fighter Fortnite

Previously, Ryu and Chun-Li were made available during the Zero Point disaster in February. They each had two classic costumes and a few other Street Fighter themed items included in their packs.

Among those items was the Lightning Kick! and Shoryuken! emotes, a "Player Select!" loading screen, and the E. Honda-based Sumo Torpedo glider.

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Street fighter fortnite: 2 new characters are coming to battle royale | a4e5ddfc chun li er yu | battle royale, capcom, epic games, fortnite, fight, multiplayer, namco, street fighter | street fighter fortnite news

Players had already begun to speculate about who the new Street Fighter characters who came to Fortnite might be, with many pointing to Guile and Cammy. Leakers and other Fortnite insiders were supporting Cammy's choice, noting that it was included in a poll sent by Epic in the past.

And they got it right! Street Fighter's iconic fighters, Cammy and Guile, will arrive at the Item Store on August 7th at 21 pm (Brazil time). In addition to the characters, in Street Fighter Fortnite, you'll be able to buy Back Suits and Accessories and even come with the Second Round Loading Screen as a bonus.

To learn more about Street Fighter Fortnite, check out update note.


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