Streets of Rage 4: Game will arrive in late April!

Streets of Rage 4, the first Streets of Rage to appear in more than 25 years, is a “well-done retro revival”.

There was a bit of confusion earlier this month when an April 23 release date appeared on the Nintendo eShop. Dotemu Publisher quickly said it was inaccurate, and so it was, but not much, as you see. Dotemu announced today that Streets of Rage 4 will be available on Steam (and consoles, if you're interested) on April 30th.

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Dotemu also released a new trailer today, showing the game's Battle Mode, a “legacy experience” of SoR 2 and 3 that gives players the ability to take down PvP fights with Streets of Rage 4 characters, in addition to 12 retro fighters unlockable from previous games. That's why some of the characters in the trailer seem much more difficult than others: they're basically straight lifts from the early 90s.

How was the adaptation of Streets of Rage?

Bringing them into the new game was more work than you might think. “First, our team had to recreate all the characters, one by one, frame by frame. This was an exhausting process, because we were dealing with about 1.500 different staff. But the next phase was even more complicated, because we had to rebuild everything. animations with the correct times of the original games. Due to the complexity of this process, everything had to be done by hand, ”explained executive producer Cyrille Imbert on the PlayStation Blog.

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Streets of Rage 4
Streets of Rage 4: Game will arrive at the end of April! | streets of rage | Streets of rage 4

“Since all the characters come from different games and because Streets of Rage 4 is a brand new title, Jordi and the Guard Crush team had to adapt everything to the system of the new game. That meant reviewing all the characters and reproducing the properties of all their movements, one by one. This process required a lot of research and adjustment, because our goal was to be very faithful. So, the team had to go through all the times and all the hitboxes, frame by frame “.

In some cases, these moves had to be edited further because the old gameplay didn't feel right in Streets of Rage 4. It's been a quarter of a century since the last one, after all.

Streets of Rage 4 also has a brand new soundtrack, of course, but if you prefer to play classic songs, you can switch to songs from previous games if you want. It will cost $ 25 when it launches, and you can find out more at

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