Super Holobunnies released for Nintendo Switch

super holobunnies - q-bit games and Nkidu Games' Platformer, first, offer three game modes in an eclectic and fun package

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Independent producer of q-bit games and publisher Nkidu Games will offer frantic fun of arcade platforms to Nintendo Switch players on June 6 with the launch of Super Holobunnies: Pause Café. For just $ 4,99 on the Nintendo eShop, Super Holobunnies offers three fun game modes in a small package

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Three game modes in Super Holobunnies

The Holobunnies (a group of hologram rabbits) spend time on their sweet little home planet fighting each other to see who is the strongest in Brawler mode. They challenge themselves in simulations of boss battles to improve their fighting skills in Boss Rush mode. Without their knowledge, something terrible is about to happen, and your friend; Kitcat, is on a mission to share terrible news with Holobunnies in the level-based runner campaign, Kitcat's Adventure. Super Holobunnies: Pause Café is full of fun, challenge and competition, and portrays the lives of Holobunnies before embarking on their bittersweet adventure.

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