TFT Patch Notes 11.9

Set 5 Contestation is among us. Understand TFT Patch Notes

Here they are the update notes for TFT Patch Notes 11.9. The gigantic set features new champions and features, along with Shadow mechanics, new Arsenals stores and the game’s first lab, Frenetic Battle. Contestação, according to the developers, brings players “more dynamic moments” to highlight their decision making “like never before”.

The set also includes a new classification season, as always, with new items and units that “deepen the positional game” and features that bring “unprecedented flexibility”.

But there is more. Players will be able to show off their style and show opponents with three new Little Legends, a Splash Party Arena and more.

Tft patch notes
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Before you start reading TFT Patch Notes, check out the great article we did on the update, just when the news from TFT set 5 came out:

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Contest Pass and exclusive Pass +

Here are some highlights from the TFT Patch Notes. Among them, the new Passe +, which will cost 1295 RP. As with previous passes, you will receive rewards for accumulating XP. But to unlock all the exclusives listed below, you will need to upgrade to Pass +.

  • Emotes: Confrontation of the God-Kings, Evil Smile, Come, Ruin! and more.
  • Booms to celebrate their victories: Infernal Band, Runic Outbreak and Prismatic Striking.
  • Star Fragments to enhance your favorite Little Legends.
  • Eggs of Little Legends: Eggs of Rarimágicos Beings and more.
  • Arenas: Sanctuary of the Order, Kingdom of Harmony and Court of Chaos.
  • Chaotic Pingu and Chaotic Spirit

Little Legends


Tft patch notes
Feitissereia (Image via Riot Games)

Do you want to add a mystical fusion to your party? Look no further. Feitissereia can adapt to almost any environment, so you will have to lure them out with a bait.


Tft patch notes
Fenroz (Image via Riot Games)

Fenroz are fiercely loyal warriors. But don't let the sword intimidate you. They become eternally attached to their Fenrozinhos, as well as to their friends, which they do quite easily after a round or two of searching for the orbs.


Tft patch notes
Mouse (Image via Riot Games)

A shrewd master of speed, traps and thefts, Ratuninho quickly turns any journey into a mischievous adventure.


  • Contestação is already in live in Brazil, according to TFT Patch Notes 11.9, so you can already start climbing the ladder in the first stage of the ranking of this set. As a reminder, Grandmaster and Challenger are unlocked shortly after the gates open.
  • Everyone will start the Contestation at Ferro II.
  • You will have five provisional matches after the restart, which means that you will not lose any PdLs for sub-top-four placements in your first five ranked games in the new phase. You will also earn extra PdL for finishing in the top four.
  • The classified rewards of the destination will be distributed in Patch 11.10.
  • Players who have achieved Gold or more at any point in the Destination Set will receive the Winning Protector.
  • Players who have achieved Gold or more in both halves of the set will also receive the Winning Protector with the Destinations theme
  • The competitive game in Frenzy Battle will work a little differently. All will start in the Gray tier and progress through a color system that will culminate in the Frenetic tier, according to the TFT Patch Notes.

Frantic Battle

"It is here, the first official TFT laboratory, Frenzy Battle, where you can roll faster and stronger than a three-star Dango.", TFT Patch Notes tells us.

Mechanics of TFT Set 5 Contestation

Dark Items are the new mechanic defined. You can read about them in detail here.

Dark Items

  • Shadow components can appear on each carousel after the first, as well as in Arsenal.
  • You only need one Shadow Component to create a complete Shadow Item. The other component can be normal. Two dark components also create a complete Dark Item.
  • When used correctly, Dark Items are more powerful than basic items. But if used carelessly, they can do more harm than good to your team.


Arsenal is not exclusive to Conjunto Contestação, but is making its debut here, according to the TFT Patch Notes. It is critical to the Frenetic Battle and will likely remain in the future of TFT.

Arsenal is a pop-up store where you select an item from some options as you would a champion. These items are free, but you can only get one for Arsenal. You can, and often must, get the Shadow Components.


Unit movement

  • Champions now assess their movements before committing to chasing enemy units
  • Old: If a unit's target moves out of its attack range, it will move a hex to try to get back in range and then reevaluate its target if it is not yet within range.
  • New in calculation: if a unit's target gets out of its attack range, it will assess whether moving a square would put it back in range. Otherwise, it will immediately reevaluate its target
  • Assassins now consistently jump first, before other champions move at the start of the fight.

Mana generation

In previous sets, if you put too many tank items on a character, they would become more efficient at generating mana. Now, stacking defensive items will not allow you to generate large amounts of mana. But it will still be good.

  • Old: Six percent of damage taken before mitigation is gained as mana
  • New: One percent pre-mitigation and seven percent post-mitigation damage received is earned as mana

Updating conventions on items and skills

Some skill and interaction terms are being updated for better consistency.

  • The attack interval is now calculated in places
  • Spell Power has been renamed to Ability Power
  • Basic attacks are renamed to "attacks" only
  • All physical damage, from abilities or attacks, can now critically attack and be avoided
  • All active abilities (abilities that are not passive, such as Vayne's Silver Darts) can now be blocked by the trap claw
  • Item icons have been updated

Brightness of the cards in the Shop

If you have a copy of a champion, the cards of the same champion will shine in your stores.

Chances in Store

During Destinations, getting a unit of four three-star costs was easier with the Chosen system. With its removal, the developers are rebalancing some of the store's probability changes they had to make to balance the Chosen system.

  • Level 7: 22/35/30/12/1 percent ⇒ 19/35/30/15/1 percent
  • Level 8: 15/25/35/20/5 percent ⇒ 15/20/35/25/5 percent

Round timers

The developers cut a few seconds off the times when you're not doing much to allow for more play time and less "dead" time. This is especially important because developers are adding time in some stages with the new Arsenal system.

  • Opening carousel: Time to open the gate: 13 seconds to 11 seconds
  • Opening the carousel: choose the time: 10 seconds to eight seconds
  • Phase 1-2 Planning phase: 12 seconds to six seconds
  • Phase 1-3 Planning phase: 20 seconds to 15 seconds
  • Arrival time of PVE rounds: Six seconds to four seconds
  • Time to choose all carousels: eight to six seconds
  • All carousels Additional time for final choices: five seconds to three seconds

Carousel Odds

Less randomness, a little more spatulas, still a little variation.

  • Stage 2 and 4 carousel: one of all: 80 percent to 76 percent
  • Stage 2 and 4 carousel: One of all and 1 spatula: 15 to 22 percent
  • Stage 2 and 4 carousel: 3 discussions and random items: 5% to 2%
  • Stage 3 carousel: one of all: 30 to 50 percent
  • Stage 3 carousel: 9 random components: 50 to 33 percent
  • Stage 3 carousel: One of all and 1 spatula: 15 percent
  • Stage 3 carousel: 3 discussions and random items: 5% to 2%

Tiebreaker update

The developers added a new tiebreaker, which goes into action if players are still tied after the first two ties (negative health and health before elimination). The new tiebreaker is "won a round most recently".

The player who won a round most recently in a situation where multiple players are eliminated with the same health before the elimination will end before the other.

Updated Items

Deflation of the base attributes of the items

Most of the basic statistics for component items and the completed items they produce have been reduced. This will slow down the energy ramp that champions experience when obtaining their items.

  • Spell Power for Ability Power
  • GpC Sword - Attack Damage: 15 to 10
  • Recurve Bow attack speed: 15 to 10 percent
  • Needlessly Large Rod Magic Power: 15 to 10
  • Chainmail Armor: 25 to 20
  • Negatron Cape - Magic Resistance: 25 to 20
  • Giant's Belt Life: 200 to 150
  • Boxer Gloves - Chance of criticism: 10 percent to five percent
  • Some completed items built with Pugilis Gloves have lost five percent Dodge.
  • Infinity Edge has not lost five percent critical because we want it to still give it a 100 percent chance

Updated classic items

The returned items have been updated to accommodate changes in the Dispute. These items have deflated gross statistics based on their components (see above). Some of these items have been reworked, while many have just been adjusted.

  • The following items are now unique (don't stack them, it won't work well): Claw Trap, Sunfire Cape, Guardian Angel and Frozen Heart.
  • Bloodthirsty NEW EFFECT: The first time a user drops to less than 40 percent health, he gains a shield equal to 30 percent maximum health for 5 seconds. Still gives lifesteal too
  • Dragon's Claw received rework: Gives 200 Magic Resist bonuses (including components)
  • Frozen Heart - Attack Speed ​​reduction: 50 percent to 35 percent
  • Frozen Heart - range: one for two houses
  • Gargolitic Plate - Armor and Magic Resist by Enemy: 20 to 18
  • Hand of Justice now grants +40 Attack Damage and Ability Power instead of +40 percent increased damage
  • Luden's Echo to the Archangel's Staff
  • Archangel's Staff (Luden's Echo Replacement): Each time the user casts his spell, he receives an Ability Power equal to 35 percent of his maximum mana
  • Smoldering Cannon's additional Attack Range: +200 percent to +1 house
  • Rapid Cannon Rapid Attack Speed: 20 percent to 40 percent, a big payoff for losing some attack range
  • Rework redemption: The user radiates an aura to allies within a home, healing them for 25 percent of their life lost every five seconds. Allies affected by the aura take 40 percent reduced damage from area of ​​effect attacks
  • Morellonomicon - cure reduction: 75 to 50 percent
  • Runaan's Hurricane Damage: 80 to 75 percent of attack damage
  • Shojin's spear now grants mana when attacking instead of On Hit, thus removing its synergy with Hurricane
  • Shojin Spear - Mana per attack: five to eight
  • Statikk knife can no longer cry
  • Statikk Knife - Fragmentation of Magic Resistance: with Critical Strikes on contact
  • Statikk Knife Magic Resist Fragmentation: 60 to 70 percent
  • Statikk Knife Magic Resist Fragmentation: six to five seconds
  • Titanic Determination stacks now increase attack damage and magic power by two, instead of increasing damage by two percent
  • Zeke's Herald attack speed: 30 to 25 percent
  • Zephyr now penetrates the effects of CC immunity (ie: Mercury, Verdant)
  • The Zz'Rot Portal now happens immediately. Provocation is an instant effect that no longer forces provoked enemies to chase the target for a second. Instead, enemies can redirect once if they are no longer in range
  • Zz'Rot's health and attack damage are now staggered based on the current stage, rather than the user's star level

Dark Items

Shadow Items are made with a Shadow Component and any Shadow or Shadow component. They are powerful, but they have advantages and disadvantages.

TFT Patch Notes

The new Set 5 TFT Contestation, with the theme Well vs. Badly, it is the new set of the game, bringing a total of 13 origins and 14 classes to the patch. To read more about TFT Patch Notes, visit the Riot Games website and tell us what you think.

At the beginning of last month, we did a long and complete article about the new set, which can complement your knowledge about TFT Patch Notes.

Check out: Teamfight Tactics (TFT): Set 5 Contest Revealed

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