The Beast Inside is released

The Inside Beast

The Beast Inside, a cinematic-style approach to horror games, has come to Steam.

Experience a unique and exciting twist on the thriller and survival horror genres. Play as two different protagonists trapped by a dark heritage and immerse yourself in the history of long-buried secrets, personal tragedies, but all filled with madness.

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The Inside Beast is a beautiful game

First, the story takes you to the height of the Cold War in Boston, 1979. Adam, a CIA cryptanalyst, leaves the hustle and bustle of the city and moves into the countryside with his wife Emma.

His handlers fear they won't be able to keep him safe there, but Adam believes he needs a peaceful place in the forests to try a sophisticated military code.

If he gets it right, his job could alter the course of the Cold War. However, this area is just the opposite of the peaceful place they were looking for.

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In the attic, he finds a mysterious diary written by a man named Nicolas Hyde, allegedly a former resident of the same house who lived there in the XNUMXth century.

Once opened, the diary unleashes the nightmares of the past on Adam's timeline, endangering Adam and Emma's life.

The tension increases as these two stories come to an inevitable clash. Prisoners of time and space - Nicolas and Adam, are immersed in secrets and mysteries, but have they managed to resolve their issues?

Follow the two characters, unaware of the danger that lurks in their souls and memories. In confusing times, but who can you trust?

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The Beast Inside Released | The Beast Inside

Main Features:

  • Explore Blackstone, the forgotten land of Hyde's lineage. A complex world designed to complement the exciting story.
  • Absorb the immersive environment created with photogrammetry technology. Enjoy the realism of a configuration achieved by including digitized objects in 3D.
  • Play with two characters who live in different centuries, but in the same area. Take their faith in your hands and find out how their stories intersect.
  • Experience a unique story, solve mysteries on your way, collect clues and decide for yourself how that story will end.
  • Discover new horror levels heightened by motion capture technology
  • Use your trusted revolver to get out of the most lethal scenarios.

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