The Witcher 3 almost made a scene where Ciri skated on the ice

Although The Witcher 3 is a gigantic game, many things are inevitably left on the court room floor. Among them, there was a particularly striking scene involving Ciri, a frozen lake and some unlucky enemies.

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Talking to VG24 / 7, lead writer Jakub Szamałek said he was inspired by the scene in one of the books, Tower of Swallows, but he was too challenging to recreate.

“We plan to have a sequel in which Ciri battles enemies on a frozen lake while skating on ice - a reference to a similar scene in one of the books. But preparing this sequence proved to be extremely complicated. For example, we were unable to easily record the necessary gameplay animations - imagine recording the motion capture of sword skaters “.

If you have a good memory, you may remember being mentioned in the first views, but, unfortunately, it was not meant to be. You at least start walking on water like Geralt on Blood and Wine's There Can Be Only One mission, which also offers a very beautiful sword.

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The witcher 3 almost made a scene where ciri skated on the ice | the witcher 31 | married games news | the witcher 3
The Witcher 3 almost did a scene where Ciri was ice-skating | The Witcher 3

Elsewhere in the questions and answers, Szamałek regretted that there was no more time devoted to Ciri. “She is an incredibly rich and complex character. Due to obvious reasons - well, she spent almost two-thirds of the game - she didn't have as much time on screen as we, as writers, would like. But, hey, maybe it's something that we will return to in the future. “

It is not the first time that this is quoted in The Witcher 3

It is not the first time that CD Projekt Red provokes that this may not happen with Ciri. It would be great to see her in the spotlight, although I think CDPR made the right decision, not focusing further on what was already a massive game, with a complex protagonist to contend with. What we need is an entire game dedicated to her adventures, and then maybe she'll start skating.

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