The Wonderful 101 Remaster, gameplay video

The Wonderful 101 is a game from Platinum Games released in 2013 for the Nintendo Wii U. It is a game that received far less recognition from the community than it deserved; the game studio recognizes that the game did not reach the desired range, a possible consequence of being exclusive to Wii U. Watch the video of the new gameplay:

Video of the new gameplay

Platinum Games first tested the possibility of launching a remaster of the game, the results were surprising and approved by the community. So the new The Wonderful 101 will be released for PC, PS4 and Switch.

In addition, the player will control Hero 101, out of a group of 101 superheroes, each with their own abilities, dedicated to protecting the world. However, history will not be the strong point and everything is treated with exaggeration.

The wonderful 101 is a platinum games game released in 2013 for nintendo wii u. Watch video of the remaster's new gameplay.
The Wonderful 101 Remaster, gameplay video | The Wonderful 101

In The Wonderful 101 the player will control all the heroes at once, being a great mass of disorder and powers. The game's controls have all been rethought to adapt to the number of possibilities.

At first the game will have seven types of weapons that can be unlocked during the adventure, namely, sword, fist, shotgun, whip, bomb, hammer and claws, so they all have a purpose and specialty. You can create combos between weapons and skills, leaving the gameplay very varied. Check out the Official Site by The Wonderful 101 Remaster.

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