Through the Darkest of Times: Now in Mobile version!

Through the Darkest of Times, the “Best Serious Game 2020” is now available on the Apple Appstore and Google Play!

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Leading a resistance group from your mobile device seems simple enough, right? Organize a protest, make some paroles on the walls, collect donations ... But here's a promise: it won't be easy. Because it wasn't.

Those were dark times. 1933, the unforgettable announcement: "Hitler is chancellor!" it changed the lives of ordinary people, from Jews to Catholics and Communists and Patriots who simply could not be left out. As we all know, this message brought difficulties and injustice to many. All choices affect your next steps, buying paper is dangerously suspicious and painting paroles on the walls can trap you or even cost your head. Face the odds and take a stand, make a difference! Fight the Nazi regime, maintain your group's morale and most importantly: survive!

Through the darkest of times: now in mobile version! | 7e994e27 image | through the darkest of times news
Through the Darkest of Times: Now Mobile! | Through the darkest of times

This is the setting for Through the Darkest of Times by Paintbucket Games. You are the leader of a small resistance group in Berlin in 1933. The goal is to give the regime little strokes - throwing leaflets to raise awareness of what the Nazis are really doing among people, painting messages on the walls, sabotaging, collecting information recruiting more followers. And all this while remaining in disguise - if the regime's forces learn about their group, each member's life will be in grave danger.

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Anyway, Through the Darkest of Times is a premium title from HandyGames for $ 7,99 / € 7,99 / £ 6,99. There are no advertisements, micro transactions, cash drawers or other game mechanics. A price, a great game.

About Through the Darkest of Times

Through the Darkest of Times is a historic resistance strategy game. Therefore, its focus is on conveying the dark mood of the period and the very real struggles of ordinary people living in the 3rd Reich. Historical accuracy means that a small group of resistance fighters will not change the outcome of the war, nor will they avoid all Nazi atrocities, but will certainly do everything possible to save as many lives as possible and inhibit fascists. system whenever possible.


  • Experience the darkest of times in 4 chapters
  • Fight for freedom, weaken the regime and lead your resistance group
  • Plan activities, find collaborators and try not to get caught
  • Feel the weight of responsibility when making difficult decisions and facing the dire consequences
  • Beautifully illustrated expressionist scenes and events

Anyway, the game is developed by Studio Paintbucket Games, based in Berlin, and is published by HandyGames, a member of the THQ Nordic family.

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