Thunder Tier One: Limited Time Play Opportunity This Week

A KRAFTON, Inc. announced that Thunder Tier One will be available between 6:00 am on Thursday (29th) and 13:00 pm on Sunday (1st), according to Brasília time, to be played for a limited time through the Gameplay Preview Bravo, which will offer players two new game modes and a new campaign mission.

Thunder tier one to play for free for a limited time
Thunder Tier One to play for free for a limited time

The number of seats to participate in the demo are limited and players who wish to request access to the Gameplay Preview Bravo should visit the official page of Steam. You can also watch the new game trailer here.

Thunder Tier One is a top-down vision tactical shooter that lets you play as an elite operator in various scenarios. Set in the early 90s, players must combine leadership and tactical skills to command an elite special operations team. 

The game has single player modes as well as multiplayer, including a campaign in which players are tasked with stopping a terrorist network operating in the fictional country of Salobia, located in Eastern Europe.

Thunder tier one game trailer

As part of Gameplay Preview Bravo, players will be able to enjoy the new game modes Exfil e Domination, as well as three campaign missions – Silver Dew, Cold Stone and the unprecedented Blue Typhoon. Fans will be able to play alone or as a team, depending on the chosen game mode. With gameplay focused on strategy, players will have to tactically evaluate each of the modes, planning different strategies to succeed.

"We have been working a lot on Thunder Tier One and the team is excited to be able to share our new content with the community,” said Creative Director Pawel Smolewski. "O Gameplay Preview Bravo it's a great chance for fans to experience this world we've created, as well as being a good opportunity to get valuable feedback from players.”

Thunder Tier One will appeal to players with an interest in military tactics and strategy – the modding system will be accessible from official launch. KRAFTON, Inc. and its independent studios have been looking for ways to introduce the genre to larger audiences – and remain committed to continuing with smaller, independent, yet meaningful projects.

About Thunder Tier One Team

The concept behind Thunder Tier One was first conceived in 2016 by the head of action games and gunplay at PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, Pawel Smolewski, who started working on the game as a personal project together with a small independent team. In early 2020, Smolewski introduced the game to KRAFTON, Inc., which recognized its potential and agreed to help introduce Thunder Tier One to a wider audience. The original independent team of developers has been working under the name of KRAFTON, Inc.

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