Grounded | 11 tips on how to survive in the garden

Obsidian Entertainment's new game, Grounded, looks a lot like other survival games at first glance, although it is in a Lucas - An Intruder in the Anthill, the game puts you on a super small scale compared to titles like Minecraft or The Forest. Just like in these games, you still need to drink water and eat food to stay alive, build shelters and manufacture equipment to help you stay alive and survive in your new environment, thus fulfilling your goal.

Although Grounded has a lot in common with other games of the genre, his small size approach in a backyard with the survival genre means that he has some peculiarities. From how you will discover craft recipes, to the creatures interested in eating you who live in the yard, there are many things to understand. Here are 12 important tips that will help you adapt to life on the lawn.

1- Analyze everything you find

One of the first things you will find when starting a Grounded game is a strange little science facility called Field Station. This is your clue that there is something bigger going on here than just a strange dream. Within each Field Station there is an item called Analyzer, it is extremely useful.

Field station on grounded
Field Station and Analyzer

Like other survival games, you can pick up just about everything on Grounded, and most of these objects, such as sprigs, grass planks, plant fibers, and sap (twigs, grass boards, plant fibers, and sap), can be used to make other things.

You'll get some craft recipes just by choosing objects out there, but Field Station is essential to unlocking even more. Use the analyzer on your materials to find out more about them and to find new craft recipes that you can use them.

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Items have limited uses and need to be reloaded after scanning some items, but as you explore, you'll find Field Station all over the place and they all have the machine to analyze the items, the Analyzer.

2- Create tools

You will not survive long without creating some tools to help you face the creatures that roam the grounded giant yard.

If you are just getting started you need to ensure that you have the right tools for the job when cutting plants and defending yourself from huge insects.

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Keep your ax in good condition

The Ax or Ax Pebblet is a basic tool that can be used to cut grass and other plants. It also works as a weapon while you don't have a spear yet. It is one of the first tools you can create on the Grounded, as the items needed for its construction are located close to your field station.

3- A good place for your base

You will start the game by having the story missions give you a few things to keep you busy while you get used to the game, but although you have a lot to do on the first day, survival is still your main concern.

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After a while, the sun will set on Grounded, and that is where life in the backyard becomes even more dangerous than it already is. You will want to create a base relatively early, even if it is quite rudimentary, so you will have a “safe” place to sleep at night.

Building a grounded base
Build a base from day one

A good point is right at the beginning, getting close to the Mystery Machine, as you will spend a lot of time in that area. You also can't go wrong by building near a landmark, like the fallen juice box or even inside a soda can.

In these places, you can have the advantage of obtaining water and food, as well as providing cover and natural protection and can facilitate the construction of bases, so take advantage of them. You will need an ax to cut the grass and create walls; remember this when creating.

But at the very least, build a slope early enough to have a place to sleep and reappear. You can also create explanatory notes in the world to change your respawn point, but be sure to build them in protected areas.

4- Avoid spiders

Most of the insects found in the early hours of Grounded will not bother you. Lawn mites are a little aggressive, but they are tiny and easily killed, and insects such as ants and ladybugs are curious, they may stare at you, but they will take care of their own lives as long as you don't attack them. But some insects, like beetles, become aggressive as soon as they see you and some, like spiders, are deadly predators.

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Watch out for spiders

You will encounter spiders before you approach the oak, and they can be seriously scary and extremely deadly. The armor will help you survive any disagreements, but until you get better weapons than the spear you can create at the beginning, you must keep your distance. When a spider sees you, her eyes turn red, then she starts to go after you.

The good news is that you can get away from just about any encounter by running to escape. You can also spot and avoid them from a distance, watching when the grass is shaking as if something big is moving through them, so run to another place.

5- Have an armor

In a short time, you will have to fight different types of insects and you will probably find out quickly that protection is very important. In general, fighting is not very difficult, but without help, you will suffer a lot of damage, even from small insects, and it can be difficult to recover in an emergency.

Therefore, armor should be a priority early in the game. You will need to build a workbench close to your base, in order to start building armor with whatever you find.

Grounded | 11 dicas de como sobreviver no jardim | 09fc633c 3715780 groundedmakearmor | grounded notícias
Create an armor

The armor also has different advantages, depending on what is made. Some armor can offer more benefits when you eat food, while others can make you run faster.

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Pay attention to the advantages listed in your armor in the menu to learn how to use it more efficiently. (Weapons also have advantages that you should pay attention to, because having the right equipment can give you great advantages.)

6- Find Water

Since we're talking about a survival game, it means that you need to stay fed and hydrated to stay alive for any length of time. The food is very easy to find, as the game tutorial will tell you, there are lots of mushrooms growing in the yard that you can eat, and they will keep you active until you start figuring out how to create the items you want, like cooking insect meat . 

Water, on the other hand, is not so easy. You will find many puddles in the yard, but drinking this water is not a good idea. The puddle water makes you a little sick, making your thirst less, but it will also decrease your life. This means that you should bring extra food if you need to drink water in a dirty puddle. 

Grounded | 11 dicas de como sobreviver no jardim | 190904a8 3715782 groundeddew | grounded notícias
Take clean water from dews

You can work around this problem by finding clean water, usually in drops of dew. Dew drops are not impossible to find, but they are a little more rare than puddles and can be difficult to see. Look for them on the blades of grass above you, they are easily knocked over by throwing a stone or other object at them, just as you can hit the grass. 

Pay attention and drink all the drops of dew whenever you can to keep from getting thirsty and not having collateral. Look at the creation menus to create objects that capture water at your base, so you don't have to search for them.

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7- Combat skills

Fighting on the Grounded is about resistance management. The more times you attack or block an attack, the more your resistance runs out, so be careful not to overdo it when attacking an enemy.

In the meantime, insects deflect their very obvious attacks, and tend to vary between heavy blows and smaller, faster blows. Once an enemy animates to dodge an attack, you can often stretch sideways, as they will not turn after executing the dodge.

Grounded | 11 dicas de como sobreviver no jardim | d5fc8761 3715783 groundedcombat | grounded notícias
Choose your battles

You can also block attacks, which is essential to staying alive. Blocking reduces the damage taken, and if you can press the blocking button the instant an attack falls, you can dodge and take almost no damage. Try to be good at deflecting enemy attacks.

Try to be observant, if you have problems, you can often trick insects into fighting each other and have the chance to regroup with allies, heal or escape a battle. Pay attention to which insects are aggressive towards each other and you can use their behavior to your advantage.

8- Use the point of interest markers

The Grounded yard is huge and it is very easy to get lost in it. When exploring, you will discover important locations, such as a fallen piece of wood or several overturned juice boxes, which can help you locate yourself more easily, but opening the map constantly puts you at a disadvantage and leaves you vulnerable to attack.

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Mark points of interest in grounded
Mark points of interest

You can mark your own personalized landmarks that appear on the screen while you are walking, this will help you find things more easily without having to open the map. Check locations whenever you find something worth remembering so you can easily find it again.

Waypoints are called Trail Markers in the creation menu, and you will need clover leaves to build them. Try to keep them always ready to use at any time, to mark a place with useful resources or anything else worth noting.

Place one next to your bases to find them easily when you're done exploring. The intelligent and organized use of Track Markers makes mapping the yard much easier, so get in the habit of using them.

9- Climb

It can be difficult to see what's around with all the grass in your path, so you can climb multiple objects to have an overhead view of the yard, which can help you locate yourself as well. Most objects will support your weight, but some will not, so be careful.

Staying aloft can be a good advantage against some grounded insects
Staying aloft can be a good advantage against some insects

Crooked blades of grass, tree roots, leaves and even clovers are useful platforms. Insects will not usually come after you there, and you can even build on elevated locations for added protection.

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In addition, with enough height, you can make traveling faster and easier by using the dandelion to glide, which we will talk more about in the next tip.

10- The dandelion

You will suffer damage from falling, although leaving the ground has its benefits, it can be easy to fall off objects and get hurt. A glider is a very important item of equipment that you can make and help you with that height.

But instead of creating one, you can get a glider quickly and easily by grabbing one of those tufts of white dandelion that fall near the plants every now and then. Take it and add it to the "Glider" location in your equipment list on the right side of your inventory, and you can use it with the shift key whenever it is falling.

Plane using dandelion on grounded
Plane using dandelion

Although a glider saves you from injuries, it is even better as a crossing. Climb high enough and you can use the glider to travel a long distance without running on the ground and risking being attacked. Take a lion glider early and cut your travel time.

11- Find the Raw Science

After going to the oak as part of the history missions on Grounded, you will discover a laboratory hidden beneath it. Inside is Burg-L, a robot that knows something about the experiment that has shrunk it.

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In addition to giving you more missions to keep you busy and help you explore the world of Grounded. Burg-L will answer some questions about what's going on and sell new craft recipes, but only if you put together a new resource called Raw Science.

Raw science in the burg. L. On grounded
Use Raw Science in Burg.L.

In Grounded there is still no real explanation of what Raw Science really is, but you will find him in Grounded, walking in strange places, he is a bubble of pink goo, strange though it is, catch the pink bubbles whenever you find them.

Completing missions and creating new items will also give you Raw Science as a reward, so it's good to keep playing and trying new things. Raw Science is essentially a currency that you can use at Burg.L. to buy things from his shop, so you can join them when you can and keep an eye on your supply.

About Grounded

As Grounded is exclusive to Microsoft, the game is included in the Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC. Alternatively, it can be purchased directly for $ 129,95 on Steam and the Microsoft store. Check out the official page. 

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