Total Annihilation is free on GOG

GOG, which is primarily an incredible gaming platform; is publicizing the classic RTS Total Annihilation and its expansions this weekend; allowing you to take a trip back to 1997, when humans and AI vied with hundreds of vehicles and robots.

Total annihilation for free on gog. With | gamepressure. With

Total Annihilation was a huge leap for the genre when it first appeared; increasing the bet with its huge scale, realistic physics and true line of sight. 

His legacy may not be as visible as that of Command & Conquer, but there have been several attempts to develop it, including the Supreme Commander, just arrived at the store. 

About Total Annihilation

Total Annihilation is a 3D electronic strategy game in real time developed by CaveDog Entertainment, a project in which Chris Taylor acted.

The plot takes place in the distant future, in a dispute between two factions; the Arm that represents the revolt of an arm of the galaxy and Core that represents the central government. The two factions fought for dominance of the galaxy, in a war that lasted 4000 years and extinguished the lives of millions of worlds.

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In the distant future, the galaxy is governed by a central body of human beings and artificial intelligences called Core (a contraction of the “Repository of Consciousness”). 

The Nucleus' technological and economic triumphs have enabled humanity to colonize most of the Milky Way and enjoy peace and prosperity. 

However, the balance is broken by a technological innovation that allows the consciousness of a human being to be transferred reliably to a machine, theoretically guaranteeing infinite life, in a process called "standardization". 

Following a mandate imposed on humanity by the Nucleus, demanding that all be submitted to standardization as a public health measure, a band of rebels is formed by colonies on the margins of the galaxy (hence its name, the Arm), whose members refused to abandon their natural patrimony. organs to unite the Core machines.

Anyway, remember to access more news, but access the gog website.

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