Trovo closes partnership with artists Lia Clark, MC Maha and Tulio Rocha

Musicians will live stream games on the platform and invite their fans to watch

Trovo Live, a live streaming platform focused on game content creation, signed a partnership with Brazilian artists for the next two months. The musicians will make gameplays from games like Genshin Impact, GTA V, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, Counter Strike, Warzone, Free Fire etc. The first live will be this Thursday (11) at 17h.

Mc Maha, who has 69 followers on Instagram, is known for parodying music from anime, series and movies. Maha has also previously collaborated with PUBG MOBILE to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the game with battle royale themed music. Check out Mc Maha's channel at Trovo where the lives will take place:

And Lia Clark, 516 followers, is a singer, songwriter and drag queen. She became nationally known with the song “Trava Trava”. This year the singer received her first MTV Miaw 2021 award. Lia has also been partnering with the PUBG MOBILE game in tournaments held between game influencers. Check out Lia's channel on Trovo:

Already Tulio Rocha, 4,5 million followers, although he is a singer, known as "Prioridades", he already has the habit of performing online gameplays. Check out Túlio's channel on Trovo:

The debut live will take place on November 11th at 17 pm, with the three artists broadcasting simultaneously through the platform

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Trovo closes partnership with artists
Trovo Live

Trovo closes partnerships with artists. Check out the live schedule


11/11 (Thursday): Lia Clark, Mc Maha and Túlio Rocha

17/11 (Wednesday): Túlio Rocha

18/11 (Thursday): Lia Clark

19/11 (Friday): Mc Maha and Túlio Rocha

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24/11 (Wednesday): Túlio Rocha

25/11 (Thursday): Lia Clark

26/11 (Friday): Mc Maha

30/11 (Tuesday): Lia Clark

31/11 (Wednesday): Mc Maha

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02/12 (Thursday): Lia Clark

04/12 (Saturday): Mc Maha

07/12 (Tuesday): Lia Clark

10/12 (Friday): Mc Maha

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16/12 (Thursday): Lia Clark

17/12 (Friday): Mc Maha

21/12 (Wednesday): Lia Clark and Mc Maha 

As an incentive and monetization program, Trovo has the “Trovo 500”, where streamers are regularly selected for a program with targets based on hours watched. As soon as the streamer hits the goals, he receives a very expressive dollar reward for the market. Streamers are separated into categories from Bronze to Master, each category has a higher goal, but the award is proportional. Streamer can earn from $100 to $5.400. The platform provides a safe and fun place for both the streamer and its viewers.

For more information, access Trovo Live's official social networks on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Discord.

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Trovo is available for download via Google Play and Apple Store.

About Trovo

Trovo Live is the new game streaming platform. It has full support for streamers and their viewers, offering all the necessary integrations for you to make your livestream with maximum quality. The platform has been on the market for over a year and has been gaining space through various forms of monetization for its partners and its close relationship between streamers and the staff team.

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