Amazon Confirms Twitch Data Leak

Payment information, Steam's competitor platform, security software and much more aired on Wednesday 6th

Amazon's game streaming site confirmed through its Twitter who suffered a major breach with Twitch's data leak with sensitive information from its users. “We can confirm that a breach has occurred,” a Twitch spokesperson said on Twitter. “Our teams are urgently working to understand the extent of this. We will update the community as soon as additional information becomes available.”

So far, hackers have leaked data that includes the source code for the company's streaming service, an unreleased Steam platform competitor from Amazon Game Studios, and details of payments to content creators. An anonymous poster on the 4chan message board released a 125GB torrent this morning, which they claim includes the entirety of Twitch and its payment history.

twitch data leakage
Twitch confirms leak

What aired on Twitch's data leak?

The leak, according to the Video Game Choricle, includes the following:

  • 3 years of payment details for content creators on Twitch.
  • The entirety of, “with the history of shipping going back to its beginnings”.
  • Source code for Twitch app clients for mobile, desktop and video game devices.
  • Code related to proprietary SDKs (Software Development Kit) and built-in Amazon Web Services services used by Twitch.
  • An unreleased competitor platform to Steam from Amazon Game Studios.
  • Data about other Twitch properties such as IGDB (Internet Games Database) and CurseForge.
  • Twitch's built-in security tools, designed exactly to combat hacker attacks.

The leak has been labeled “part one,” suggesting there may be more to come. Although personal information, such as creator payments, is included, this initial leak doesn't appear to include Twitch user passwords, addresses, or email accounts. Instead, the information disclosurer appears to have focused on disclosing information from Twitch's own tools and information, rather than code that includes personal accounts.

However, it is unclear how much data was accessed. Twitch says it is working to understand the breach in its security and it appears that some users are being asked to change their passwords. "Until we understand the extent of this breach, we recommend changing your Twitch password and enabling two-factor authentication if you haven't already." says the spokesperson.

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Problems on all sides

Hackers aren't Twitch's only problems

The Twitch leak will be detrimental to the game streaming service anyway, and particularly to developers who rely on Twitch to keep their earnings and information safe. The hacker attack follows weeks after the protest against Twitch to improve its service under the #DoBetterTwitch movement. Twitch streamers also held a day of strike in August to protest the company's inaction against hate attacks.

If you have a Twitch account, it is recommended that you also enable two-factor authentication, which ensures that even if your password is compromised, attackers will still need your phone to prove your identity using SMS or an authenticator app.

To enable two-factor identification:

  • Log into Twitch, click on your avatar and choose Settings
  • Go to Security and Privacy and scroll down to the Security setting
  • Choose Edit Two-Factor Authentication to see if it's already enabled. Otherwise follow the instructions to turn it on (you will need your phone)

Now, let us know in the comments: Have you received a password change notification from Twitch? Do you use Twitch to stream games? Contact us and enjoy to read more News on our website.

Source: Video Game Choricle

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