Twitch subscribe: company will lower subscription prices

Twitch will reduce the price of subscriptions in regions like Brazil and Mexico

Twitch will lower your subscription prices, in an attempt to expand the support of global communities towards their creators, reducing the prices of their Twitch subscribe to several countries, which will start with Mexico and Turkey.

North America has a 50 percent higher percentage of users who have Twitch subscribe, compared to regions such as Europe and Asia, according to data from the platform itself. In countries like Brazil and Latin America, this number reaches almost 80%.

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From May 20, in order to combat this discrepancy in numbers, the platform will begin to reduce the price of Twitch subscribe, see that it fits the living costs of the different regions.

Mexico and Turkey will be the first two countries to receive this price update, with their users paying less for Twitch subscribe. However, the exact prices for each type have not yet been released.

After Mexico and Turkey, other countries in Latin America, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East will receive price adjustments. For more details, see this list detailing the countries that will receive the price adjustment on Twitch subscribe.

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According to Twitch, these adjustments will serve and aim to make more global viewers feel encouraged to subscribe to Twitch on the streamers they like the most, making the local community grow more and more.

According to a Twitch price list and types subscribe, the platform increased revenue for content creators in those countries that will receive price changes, through an earnings adjustment incentive for those who earn more than 20% of their base revenue.

Therefore, the price of those who watch and want to subscribe will change as a way of encouraging those who want to reach a global audience, changing and also helping these content creators.

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For content creators not to suffer from price adjustments, this new program aims to help streamers not to suffer so much from the decrease in revenue, see that the additional support they receive will decrease in the first year.

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This support will not last forever, as the general objective of this price adjustment is for content creators to receive more subscriptions, precisely because they are at a more affordable price for their regions. It’s worth remembering that, to get these incentives, streamers must also achieve broadcast and subscription goals, based on their previous Twitch performances.

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