Enter the world of Tzeentch in Total War: WARHAMMER III

Face the Legendary Lord of Tzeentch in Total War: WARHAMMER III

Step into the land of deadly sorcerers, unpredictable demons and malicious Tzeentch sectarians in Total War: WARHAMMER III. The Raven God is the God of Chaos of magic, malice and manipulation. He is the personification of change, a demon god who alone truly embodies the endless and tumultuous changes that are Chaos.

Accept the Lord of Transformation in this new trailer

Kairos Fateweave – Legendary Lord of Tzeentch in Total War: WARHAMMER III

Kairos Weaver-fate is the most powerful of the Lords of Transformation to serve Tzeentch. Blessed with visions of the past and future, he is an almost unrivaled sorcerer who knows every action before it's even thought, enabling Kairos to alter fate to suit his malevolent purposes. 

This two-headed monster has a whole arsenal of magical abilities to unleash on enemies. Thus, he is one of the greatest arcanists to terrorize the bloody battlefields of Total War: WARHAMMER III. The ability of his choice, the Staff of Tomorrow, dramatically increases the rate at which he can cast spells. This allows you to easily channel a terrifying combination of the most devastating spells out there, including those from a new school: Tzeentch's Spells.

Tzeentch's play style

Tzeentch's armies are a supreme source of magic in World Warhammer. Therefore, they boast formidable arcanists who use powerful sorcery to reach enemy lines from afar, while a fleet of flying demonic units carefully choose the correct combats to control the battlefield as they see fit. The more spells Tzeentch's minions cast in battle, the better the magical abilities available to disrupt the battlefield. 

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In the campaign map, the Raven God is dedicated to causing confusion and discord for his own benefit. His factions can perform Change of Things actions to contrive diplomatic situations and manipulate other elements of reality. His followers can also manipulate the Winds of Magic to suit their whims, allowing them to increase or decrease the Winds' potency in the mortal world.

Tzeentch in total war
Tzeentch in Total War

Tzeentch Cast

Tzeentch's servants share the same pleasure in conspiracy and manipulation, conquering territory in his name with cunning, sorcery and cunning. The essence of his roster is made up of horrendous demons, such as the smiling Pink and Blue Horrors, and the abominable Incinerators of Tzeentch, who unleash hellfire on enemies mercilessly. Meanwhile, flying units such as the Sunset Knights, Flame Chariots, and Tzeentch's Squeakers slash the skies before bombarding enemy ranks on the ground.

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