Valorant Brimstone: How to play with the character

Brimstone is an agent who enters the game's Controllers class. The class of controllers is perfect for controlling a field for the team. Below you can trust our Brimstone guide to shine at Valorant!

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Brimstone's skills at Valorant

Incendiary ($ 100)

Brimstone throws an incendiary grenade that does incendiary damage to the field where it lands.

The incendiary grenade launcher that brimstone carries in valorant
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Tips for using this skill:

  • The grenade can bounce in different directions. Learn how to use it on some maps to catch some spots where enemies often hide.
  • As a defense, sometimes you don't even need to use this ability to do damage, sometimes it can be a great ability to buy time for enemies not to get into the bomb.

Stimulating Beacon ($ 300)

Place a flag next to the character that creates a buffer area. All players in this area receive a bonus on reload speed, firing speed, arming change and recoil recovery.

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The stim beacon that brimstone throws in valorant
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Tips for using this skill:

  • The buff makes everyone in the area shoot faster. this can be very useful for allies who are defending a specific spot.
  • Stimulating Beacon can also act as a bait. If your opponent is in a small area, you can throw him in a place for distraction while an ally raids him and kills him.

Heavenly Smoke ($ 200)

Use the map to throw a smoke bomb that covers the view. You have to click to choose the location and click again to confirm.

Brimstone's smoke calling wrist device in valorant
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Tips for using this skill:

  • You start the round with one of these for free, but you can have up to three to use. If you hold one, it will be taken with you to the next round.
  • This ability has a very high usage distance, but it cannot be used across the map. You need to be relatively close to the area you want to play the skill to call the smoke. Anyway, you are also very vulnerable while using the skill, so be careful
  • Always try to position the smoke bombs at the pump inlets. If you are on the attack side, it means that you can have someone targeted on your way to the bomb, so use the smoke bomb on these spots to ensure your team’s safety to dominate the bomb site

Orbital Attack (Ultimate Brimstone in Valorant)

Use the map to mark a location, casting a lightning bolt from the sky that does high damage for a few seconds.

A part of one valorant map getting hit by brimstone's ultimate ability
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  • The skill lasts more or less the time to defuse Spike, that is, it is worth using to save time both to plant and to defuse Spike and win the round.
  • Orbital Attack goes through the roof of buildings, meaning there is no safe place against Brimstone's Ult.

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