Valorant: Check the patch notes from the last update

According to latest patch notes de Valorant, the classified match combination has been added to Valorant, but we are not yet able to participate in a classified match. We will have to "wait a while before it goes on the air," says Riot. I don't know why Riot announced that a competitive mode has been added to the game, if we still can't access it, but I suspect it will appear soon.

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In addition, there are many other changes to the latest Valorant patch that take effect now. Omen has been modified a little, on the one hand:

  • Omen now immediately becomes vulnerable and no longer appears dark after he leaves his alternate shadow form
  • The attenuation radius of the arrival sound in Omen's From the Shadows has been reduced to 2250.

When Omen uses his From the Shadows ultimate to teleport, he appears in a new location in his shadow form, where you can shoot to send him back to where he came from. What was not clear, says Riot, was his transition between the shape of the shadows and the flesh. It should now be more obvious when his teleport is over and he can be killed, and an "invulnerability error" has been considered.

To compensate for the slight nerf, the sound of Omen's teleportation doesn't get that far. "We are trying to give him a scare, because if you find him, you must have killed him by right," says Riot.

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Valorant patch notes
Valorant: Check out the patch notes from the last update | Valorant Patch Notes

Some visual things were also changed in these patch notes in Valorant

A specific change is that a small gap at the top of Haven's double doors was covered by curtains. Here are some more patch notes that caught my eye:

  • New visual directional damage indicator.
  • New visuals of low health and low ammunition.
  • Voice activity is now shown above the allies' heads.
  • Color added to enlarge the icon above the ally's head for easy viewing.
  • Players who abandon matches made by match, or dodge selected agents, will now face penalties that will prevent them from lining up for a period of time. Frequent offenders will face higher penalties for queuing.
  • Added "Ghost cheat" as an option for custom games with trickery enabled, allowing you to fly across the map in clipless mode.
  • Added the ability to abandon a custom multiplayer game. Using the “Exit match” button in the ESC menu will allow you to permanently exit the match without penalty. Leaving the game personalized in any other way (leaving the client, alt + f4, etc.) will still allow you to return to the game.
  • Updated the audio occlusion system to help players better differentiate audio spacing tips. For example, from refuge B to short A, you should hear sounds from the correct distance and not as if they were at your side.

Bugs in general

Some Phoenix and Viper bugs have also been fixed, as well as some rare ones that I wish I had the chance to see for myself:

  • Fixed a rare issue where players' weapons floated in front of them; very scary.
  • Fixed an issue where the item interface prompt in the game world looked blblock markers.
  • Fixed a rare bug where any team could win a round by eliminating in the same frame in which the peak was deactivated, awarding two points for that round.

Valorant is in the closed beta version, but based on the rate at which my friends are participating, the invitations appear to be coming out at a decent pace. Riot previously said that Valorant will come out of the closed beta version this summer, so it shouldn't be too long to wait now, if you're in beta.

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