Valorant Cypher: How to play with the character

Cypher is one of the Valorant agents that most anger me when I'm playing against! The character can look at you through the cameras, stun you, block your way. Anyway, be the person who makes me angry at the games with the guide below! hahahaha

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Cypher skills in Valorant

Trap Wire ($ 200)

Place an invisible trap between two walls. Enemies that activate them are revealed for a short period of time.

Cypher's trapwire ability in valorant

Tips for using this skill:

  • Always use this ability in places where enemies may appear. They can even destroy the traps, but you will have a clue as to where they are more or less.
  • If you are on the attacking side or the defensive side going for the retake, you can put the trap on your back so you don't get shot from the flank.
  • The ability can be taken back from its set point, in case you need to move from the bomb site and it is in a bad position.

Cyber ​​Cage ($ 100)

Throw a trap with remote activation, which, when reactivated creates a smoke cage that slows down enemies. For active, just look at the trap and press to use, if you hold, all cages are activated.

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Cypher's cyber cage ability in valorant

Tips for using this skill:

  • This ability is like a smoke that you can activate remotely. It is a very strong ability that disorients and slows enemies, so it can be used to cover your allies.
  • In a good spot, the Cyber ​​Cage can be used inside the bomb, allowing your allies to plant or defuse the bomb.

Surveillance Camera (Free)

Cypher installs a camera in a desired location that can be activated remotely. Using the left mouse button while on the camera, throw a dart that gives you the position of the enemy.

Cypher's spycam ability in valorant
Via: Polygon

Tips for using this skill:

  • You are unable to move while using this ability, so make sure you are in a safe spot before using it.
  • The dart the camera throws shows the position of the other players who are hit until they remove. If your allies go up while your enemy takes the shot, he can take the dart out, causing his allies to guarantee a free kill.
  • The camera is invisible when you're not using it, but enemies can shoot if they know where it is.

Neural Assault (7 points of Ultimate)

Extracts information from a dead enemy, revealing the location of all killed enemies.

Tips for using this skill:

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  • This ability will only show the location of enemies at the moment, that is, choose correctly. One of the best times to use the skill may be in defense when you are retaking a bomb. For the attack part, it is good to use to defend the bomb after planting the bomb.

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