Valorant: Official launch scheduled for June 2nd!

There is no denying that Valorant's closed beta was a success. But, now the beta is ending, reaching impressive numbers of up to 2 million viewers in Stream on the first day of the game. The beta will end on May 28; however, its launch is not far off, scheduled for June 2.

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I enter the 28th of May and the final release date, Riot Games, developer of the game, will reset the accounts so that everyone starts from scratch, adding a new mode, a new agent and a new map. It is also planned for new servers to come out in Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid and Warsaw to reduce pinging from players.

Game executive producer Anna Donlon and game director Joe Ziegler had a very relaxed conversation about the release with Geoff Keighley in the stream below, and Riot even posted on his blog a publication talking about the state of Valorant, and about his infamous anti-cheat, Vanguard.

About some Valorant problems

The anti-cheat Vanguard was criticized by many for being extremely invasive for its installation via the kernel on the computer, causing even completely unrelated programs to be stopped; even some video card fans out there who burned, according to reports by Valorant users.

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Valorant: Official release scheduled for June 2nd! | Valorant

Another recurring problem reported is being harassment within the game, which brings a little of what exists unfortunately within League of Legends. Donlon, UX designer of the famous Team Fight Tactics recently published a clip where she was constantly provoked by another Valorant player; next to that, she said that’s why she doesn’t play queues alone.

Valorant has been in closed beta in Brazil since May 5th.

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