Valorant Omen: How to play with the character

Omen is a controller type agent in Valorant. Omen gains control across the map with some smoke and teleportation mechanics. Anyway, check here the guide on how to play with the character.

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Omen's skill in Valorant

Dark Steps ($ 100)

Omen performs short distance teleports to nearby locations, high or low.

Omen's shadow walk in valorant

Tips for using this skill:

  • You can use Omen's teleport to reach the top of boxes that are difficult to reach, allowing you to surprise your enemies
  • If you are trapped behind a cover with an enemy on the other side, you can use teleport to gain a new position and surprise your enemy. You can also use the ability in the same place, for your enemy to hear and think he teleported to another corner, maintaining his current position and confusing the opponent

Paranoia ($ 200)

Omen unleashes a dark fire that diminishes the vision of other affected players. So, it works like a flashbang for enemies inside.

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Tips for using this skill:

  • The enemy affected by the ability cannot see anything a few steps away, it works very well as a blindness ability.
  • If you hit enemies with this when opening the pixel to shoot, they become very easy targets because they have no vision. It also serves to help your team in 2v2 situations.

Dark Cloak (30 second cooldown)

Play a hidden ethereal orb that turns a large sphere of shadows into its final location. However, it can be loaded to increase the distance it will go.

Omen's dark cover ability in valorant

Tips for using this skill:

  • This is one of the many smoke skills in Valorant, but it is the only one that can break through walls.
  • This particular skill on the Attacking side is very helpful when you need to smoke in an area and don't want to show up.

Ultimate Omen Skill in Valorant: Shadow Leap (7 Ultimate points)

Select anywhere on the map to be teleported. Then, when it arrives, it will appear as a shadow, causing Omen to return to his position before the last case is eliminated.

Omen's from the shadows ability in valorant
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Tips for using this skill:

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  • You can use this ability on enemies' backs to achieve a perfect flank position, or to take the bomb to the other site on the map.
  • You can also use it to literally go a few steps behind the line of enemies. Although it is very risky, if it works out, it will bring some free kills for you and your team.

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