Valorant Patch 1.04: Check out what's new in the update

The patch notes of the 1.04 update for Valorant, were released this Tuesday by Riot Games, and brings many important news regarding the playable characters. Among the main highlights, we have the nerfs in Raze and Brimstone, as well as buffs in agent Viper and a correction in Cypher. There were also changes to the pre-round purchase menu, as well as bug fixes.

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Changes valorant patch 1. 04
Valorant Patch 1.04: Check out what's new in the update | Valorant patch 1.04

Update of agents in Valorant Patch 1.04


Venomous well (R)

  • Maximum time outside the ultimate before it dissipates has gone from 5 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Now, Viper will be able to hold the skill key to undo the ultimate earlier.
  • Enemies within Poço Peçonhento will have the minimap obscured and will not be able to provide detection information to allies by the minimap.
  • We increased the clarity of the enemies' red glow at the edge of Viper's blurred vision.


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  • Increased deterioration per second on enemies from 10 to 15 from any source.
  • After leaving the Viper smoke, the deterioration will remain on the enemies for 2,5 seconds before it begins to dissipate.


  • Having both the Poison Cloud and Toxic Curtain abilities active will not consume fuel beyond the normal amount used for one of them.


  • Ultimate killer cost changed from 6 to 7 ultimate points.


  • Ultimate Orbital Attack cost changed and 6 to 7 ultimate points.
  • Stimulating Beacon will no longer strengthen enemies or display its radius of effect.
  • Increased authenticity of Brimstone arms.


  • Now, Cyber ​​Cage can be selected during the purchase phase.

Weapon updates


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  • Fixed a bug that made the inaccuracy of the right button during the race much greater than desired.
  • Fixed a bug that applied no inaccuracy penalty when the player jumped.
  • Updated running dispersion went from 3,4 to 2,1.
  • Updated skipping dispersion went from 1,9 to 2,3.
  • Updated floor dispersion went from 1,9 to 1,95.
  • Added a 10% accuracy bonus when crouching and standing still.

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