Valorant Phoenix: How to play with the character

Following with our Valorant character guide list for you to learn how to play, we have UK agent Phoenix. Phoenix is ​​one of the duelists of Valorant, that is, his skill set serves mainly to pave the way for his team, with skills that also heal, making him a great character for every beginner in the game.

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Phoenix skills at Valorant


In this ability, Phoenix launches a wall of fire that blocks vision and also damages enemies that try to get past it. When you press to release the skill and click with the left mouse button, you can leave the wall curved, to put in some more complicated angles.

Phoenix in valorant using blaze
Via: Polygon

Tips for using Flare:

  • Phoenix is ​​cured when it passes through the wall, so it may be a good choice to open a pixel if it is lifeless.
  • The wall obviously doesn't stop enemy bullets, but it hides you enough that no enemy can kill you through it. It can be very useful to hide in order to buy time for the bomb or to change the pixel that will enter.

Curved Ball

Fenix ​​throws a curved ball to the left or right (you decide on the left or right mouse button) that glows after a short while, leaving all enemies who have been looking at it blind for a while.

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Phoenix in valorant getting ready to use the curved ball
Via: Polygon

Tips for using Curved Ball

  • ALWAYS use this ability to turn a corner. Playing in the right corner will blind all enemies in the area, making it easier for you to enter a bomb to make a clutch.
  • Remembering that the ability blinds all the characters that you take, including you and your allies, so always remember to notify your colleagues by chat or voip when making this move.

Hot Hands

The "hot hands" ability causes Phoenix to throw a fireball, which after a while falls to the ground. The ability to damage enemies within the area, however, heals you.

Phoenix using his warm hands skill

Tips for Using Hot Hands

  • The ability is great to use as an anti-rush when defending, as it can cover a large corridor or passage, causing all enemies that pass to take damage.
  • Area damage can be very effective in preventing advances, but it is not very high damage; so don't be afraid to simply create a pool of fire to heal yourself.

Ultimate Skill: Rebirth

In the ultimate skill, Phoenix marks his location on the Valorant map. If Phoenix dies during the skill or time runs out, he will be reborn in the place marked with a full life.

Tips for using Renaissance

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  • Everything you do with this skill will go back to where you were. So, if Spike is in a bad position, you can go with the ultimate there, and if you die, you will return to your body with the spike.
  • When using your ultimate you leave a mark on the ground, which is very easy for the enemy to see. So be very careful where you’re going to end up, because the enemy can just wait for your ult to end and give you a headshot when you get back to your starting point.
  • It's a great skill to be able to open the Round too. As an attacker you can ult and crash your team in the bomb without fear of dying because you can return; and as a defender you can try an advanced rush along the curved ball to catch your enemies by surprise.

Some combos to use on Valorant to earn more from Phoenix

  • Anyway, you can catch Phoenix with a friend of yours playing Brimstone to protect the A on the Split map, with two right spots using the "Hot Hands" and the incendiary grenade, if the enemies burst, they will have no way to return.
  • On the Haven map, as a defender, it can sometimes be worth it to bomb Bombsite A with the Curved Ball to catch some enemies unprepared and ready to take some bullets.
  • On the bind map, it can be interesting to even play the Curved Ball through the portal; to blind enemies that are already on the other side before entering to be able to surprise them.

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