Valorant Raze: How to play with the character

Valorant's agent, Raze, is the Brazilian and Northeastern agent who represents us a lot, and for that reason, of course she deserves a guide here on the website on how to play with her. As an agent she is very good at the offensive part of the game, causing damage. However, many of the character's abilities also aim at area recognition for pixel opening.

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About Raze and his skills

Bumba ($ 200)

Bumba is Raze's first skill, where the character plays a little robot that walks in a straight line and bounces off the walls. If bumba finds an enemy, the robot will focus on it and run away, exploding and causing high damage.

Bumba skill of agent valorant raze
Image via: Polygon

Some tips for using this skill:

  • Bumba runs in a straight line, but if you get the right angle to play it, it can enter and sweep angles from full rooms.
  • After playing Bumba, enemy players are sure to shoot him so they don't take damage; and then, if you have a good ear you can open the pixel next to the robot and eliminate the enemy.

Explosives Charge ($ 200)

Instantly Raze plays a C4 that sticks to surfaces. If you activate the ability again, the bomb will detonate, damaging nearby players or knocking you up or sideways.

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Charge of explosives of valorant raze
Image Via: Polygon

Tips for using this skill:

  • Raze can use Explosive Charge itself to gain a boost. You can take advantage of this to reach some spots on the map that you can't get just by jumping, giving Raze a great positioning advantage.
  • In addition, Explosive Charge can be used to check runners that you are not sure if you have enemies. If you throw one and detonate quickly, it will not kill the enemy, but it will certainly do enough damage to make him startle and have to move from there.

Ink Cartridge (200 $)

Equip a grenade in the hands of Raze in Valorant, which can be thrown and when it explodes, it turns into several mini bombs that explode, damaging everyone in range.

Raze's paint shell ability in valorant
Image Via: Polygon

Tips for using this skill:

  • Ink Cartridges can eliminate enemies that have not purchased a vest, so throwing the grenade at certain places such as indoors can guarantee victory for your team very quickly.
  • Raze's grenades damage both her and her allies, so be very careful to use them.
  • Ink cartridge can explode in the air, dropping multiple mini-bombs on top of your enemies, making it a great way to open a bomb with your lifeless enemies.

Ultimate Skill: Spoiler-Pleaser (6 charges)

Raze swaps his main weapon for a bazooka. The bazooka does damage in a very high area that happens in contact with anything.

Raze's showstopper ability in valorant
Image via: Polygon

Tips for using this skill:

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  • Spoiler-Pleasers has a long casting time, so use the skill before opening the pixel to shoot.
  • Pleasure-takers can damage Raze if it is hit, so be careful.
  • Unlike other ultimates in Valorant, Estraga-Prazeres after being activated will remain active for a limited time; you can see the time left for the skill at the bottom of the screen.
  • When released, Estraga-Prazeres plays Raze a little behind, giving you the opportunity to make some creative play!

Possible combinations in Valorant with Raze

A good possible combo is to use your Ultimate: Spoilers and drop the Explosive Charge on the ground, allowing you to get a good height to shoot your opponents from above, causing the angle to damage more people. .

In addition it is also possible to use the Bumba and then use the Ink Cartridge in any spot that has 2 places to escape, causing your enemy to be eliminated in any way.

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