Valve Bans NFT Games, But Epic Doesn't

Steam has included a clause that prevents games from selling or exchanging cryptocurrencies, but Epic's CEO seems to be open to welcoming them

If you ever hoped to play Axie Infinity or another game to earn cryptocurrencies in your Steam library, so bad news: Valve bans games from NFTs, blockchain technology, or allow users to buy or sell items, or exchange them for cryptocurrencies, on Steam, according to a rule added to the store's “What You Must Not Post on Steam” list sometime this month or in previous month and it still doesn't cost in all the documentation of the store.

The information was discovered by the account on the SpacePirate user twitter, a developer working on a NFT based game, who said the change happened because the company doesn't allow in-game items that might have real-world value (as if there wasn't a market for selling items in games like Counter Strike: Global Defense and Team Fortess 2, but never mind.)

Steam has a history of “making controversial decisions regarding their games”, especially when it comes to games with sexual content (which is also common in the store). And, for some unknown reason, most responses to SpacePirate's tweet are from people who are supporting Steam's decision or making fun of those who regret the measure.

Valve prohibits nft games
SpacePirate User Tweet

Valve Bans NFT Games since when?

The rule has been added to the page of Steam Documentation and, apparently, the platform is something so recent and, apparently, included so "last minute" that it was not even translated into Portuguese in the new rules and, in other documents, such as the "Participating in the Steamworks distribution program”, she just doesn't even show up yet. Valve, so far, has not answered the reason for this change and games that have NFT content, such as the dating simulator, House Party (which also has sexual content) are still available on Steam.

Perhaps it's understandable why Steam wants to avoid NFTs on its platform. In addition to the justification cited by SpacePirate, about items having real-world value (which seems like a weak argument, given the huge commercial communities around things like CS:GO skins and Team Fortress 2 cosmetics), NFT and games based on cryptocurrencies do not have good reputations.

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This is the case with games like Evolved Apes, where the game developer sold NFTs, with the promise that they would be included in a fighting game, but then apparently took the money and ran away. There are some potentially interesting game concepts that sell NFTs, but it's hard to say which ones would be suitable for sale on Steam and, even if they were allowed, which ones delivered on their promises.

Epic sees this as an opportunity

Games like Illuvium e Star atlas, which has in its proposal to be Triple A cryptocurrency games, could be welcome on Valve's platform, however, some that already have games like Fortnite in their DNA, as the case of Light Nite, could find their home at Epic Games. Who happens to be very open to receiving these games in their store.

While Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has said the company isn't interested in tinkering with NFTs, that policy doesn't seem to apply to games in his store: Epic told the The Verge that is "open" to the idea of ​​games that use NFTs or cryptocurrencies in a tweet on Friday.

The different approaches of Steam and Epic highlight the fact that any platform or store that moderates content will likely have to make a decision about whether they want to allow apps or games to sell NFTs in their stores, and currently one of the biggest questions may be about Apple's opinion and how it will handle apps like OpenSea and Coinbase, should they decide to start allowing users to buy digital tokens. We will keep an eye out to discover this in the future.

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