Games x Violence - The battle of the players

Games x Violence - First, there are many texts and places that try to generate a discussion about games in relation to violence.

I understand the concept of violence in relation to entertainment in general, but I do not agree with the fact that media outlets are using games as scapegoats

He is the target of guilt for psychological problems that have no unique influence on entertainment media

So today I want to talk about what games influence, or rather, what games teach and their positive points for the evolution of society

The famous anti-gambling law goes back and can be archived

Not long ago a new bill was released that would make the criminalization of violent games feasible in Brazil. Said PL-1577/2019

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Promoted by deputy Júnior Bozzella of PSL, it would define the consumption, distribution and handling of electronic games as illegal.

Of course, the law was totally rejected by the public and, right afterwards, it was filed following the famous Games x Violence.

During the end of last week (More precisely, April 12th) a public hearing was held at Alesp

And that dealt with the matter under the supervision of government members and experts on the topic.

The event that was organized by Deputy Tenente Coimbra had the presentation of facts regarding the gaming industry in general.

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The beneficial points of the games and the situation of the Brazilian market on the topic were discussed, it was also contextualized about the position of E-sports in our country.

Games x Violence: Let's talk psychologically

The article published by the University of Oxford in February 2019 on The Royal Society website

About the relationship in which violent games would influence people to perform violent actions while people who do not play would have no changes.

The survey consulted 2008 individuals, aged between 14 and 15 years, in two halves

Those who play and those who don't.

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The study used a combination of subjective and adjectives to measure adolescent aggressiveness.

Youth leaders also assisted with information for assistance.

As a result, there was no evidence that violent games encourage violence.

 "The idea that violent video games lead to aggression in the real world is popular, but has not been well tested over time. Despite the interest in the subject by parents and legislators, the survey has not shown that there is cause for concern."

According to Andrew Przybylski, research director at the Oxford Internet Institute

"Our findings suggest that researchers' biases may have influenced previous studies on this subject, and may have distorted our understanding of the effects of video games."

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Netta Weinstein, co-author of the study commented:

The full report is on the Royal Society Open Science website

Games x Violence: The positives of games

The Autcraft Kids               

There are several movements that use games for beneficial purposes

As is the case with Autcraft, a movement that allows children with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) a Minecraft server where they can play among themselves

With only the rules of not bullying each other and not swearing.

General practitioner and psychologist Roberto Debski explains that ASD greatly compromises a child's development

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By limiting your social interaction and communication skills.

Other than that, the little one may be unsure to participate in activities in certain places.

According to the doctor, playing for autcraft makes the person better manage these issues.

After all, you tend to feel better and more welcomed by other players

Since everyone is in a similar condition and free from judgment.

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Debski also points out that games like Minecraft planning skills and manual skills work.

Game is used to help schizophrenia patient

Schizophrenia is primarily a mental disorder that causes dissociation from reality.

That is, the patient has difficulties in distinguishing what is real from what is not.

The main symptoms are delusions and hallucinations.

It is estimated that 70% of people with schizophrenia experience auditory hallucinations

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What we popularly call “hearing voices”, and of this portion, there is still a percentage that do not respond to treatment with drugs.

However, research involving a very simple game can help with this.

Conducted by a team from the University of Roehampton and King's College, both in London, this research involved twelve patients diagnosed with schizophrenia.

And the result helped them develop techniques to lessen the symptoms of auditory hallucinations.

People who suffer from schizophrenia and these hallucinations, have a more active auditory cortex.

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Knowing this, the team used a game where patients needed to land a rocket using only their brains.

And with the help of MRI equipment, they monitored the activities of these patients.

Dr. Natasza Orlov of King's College explained that twelve people are a small sample.

And a control group is still needed to have really significant numbers. Yet these are very promising results

And the next involves testing with even larger groups.

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Games x Violence: Do you know how this Media works in Brazil?

With researches carried out by several websites, they demonstrated the advancement of gaming media in relation to other media, such as cinema and music

In 2016, while cinema reached a value of US $ 25,6 billion with the 100 most profitable films of the year

And music reached an average of $ 15 billion with significant growth due to streaming content

Meanwhile, our beloved video games reached an average of US $ 91 billion adding all devices and platforms marking the most profitable position

But second only to television content that reached a value of $ 289 billion with the growth of content on demand.

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Games x Violence: My opinion on Games x Violence and its influences

We are in 2019 in a world where crises occur, people kill others and much of it is made common and led to blame the media (both video games and all others) and this is wrong.

It is very easy to place the blame of something in a medium and not try to understand what really led to what happened in the first instance, because if we really find out how things are getting to the point where one person decides to kill another, we can try to change things.

Games, like all other media, have age controls, so it is the responsibility of parents or relatives to control the games, movies or any type of entertainment that their protégés have access to.

If you have contact with anyone who is in trouble, both physical and psychological, do not let this person think he is alone, help the person to go through this bad phase, in all medium to large cities there are psychological assistance centers free exactly to help people with any kind of difficulty

We will not let things repeat themselves and incidents like these happen again.

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The games are not to blame.

Anyway, for more news, please click here.

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