The best VR game trailers at E3

Despite a lukewarm show, UploadVR owes some good ads that deserve the attention of virtual reality enthusiasts See the best VR game trailers at E3 2021

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Before, virtual reality games didn't have a big participation at E3 and there weren't great developers of this type of games, which offered complex games or real narratives, they were more like “experiences” with puppets, physics games or those musical games from rhythm in which you used light sabers to cut cubes (don't think it's easy. Look for Beat Saber on Youtube and see people doing absurd things in this rhythm game) like they had in 2020.

But this year, for those VR fans watching E3 waiting for lots and lots of exciting new trailers and announcements, especially from major publishers and developers, well… there really wasn't much to talk about at the main shows (held virtually, by irony). But, this year, some VR games at E3 shone and deserve to be highlighted.

Even the main presentation related to releases for the VR market, UploadVR at E3, wasn't exploding with new game announcements or big surprises, and there really wasn't anything like 2020 AAA games like Half-Life: Alyx or Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.

But while it may be a slow time for VR (and it's been a slow year for everything due to the pandemic), there were several highlights that anyone with a VR goggle should be interested in. Here are the most promising VR games at E3 2021 we saw during UploadVR:

The best VR Games trailers at E3:

Song in the smoke

The survival adventure game Song in the Smoke wants to immerse you in a living and vibrant world with realistic animal AI. You'll create tools and weapons, prepare food and clothing, and engage in melee weapons and bows. Animals will react differently to you based on their own status, so the same hungry animal may approach you differently than one that has been prey to you recently.


The combat game with a film noir vibe is like a whip with a pistol attached to the tip. As the mobs rush at you, defeat them in time to the music with knives, guns and other weapons as you dodge the axes and crowbars thrown in your direction. There are even boss fights. There is also a demonstration available now on Steam Comes There for you to try

Smash Drums

Another rhythm game, but this time in Beat Saber style, all about percussion and drums. As the drums float through the air towards you (sometimes from different directions), beat them to the beat of the music with your virtual drumsticks. The game comes with 21 songs in memory at launch and promises more to come. It seems like a good time to enjoy and play hard rock. There is a demonstration from Smash Drums to Oculus Quest App Lab available now.


There's no need for a guitar with colored buttons to enjoy the sound with Unplugged, and if you have an Oculus Quest, you won't even need joysticks. With Quest's surprisingly good finger-tracking technology, you can play high-speed aerial guitar with nothing but your bare hands. It will also work with Valve Index joycons. The trailer shows that Offspring can be played! Just for that, it's worth a look!

I Expect You to Die 2

The sequel to the secret agent and comedy puzzle game that won many fans in the early days of VR release. Players will wear disguises, use telekinesis and travel around the world to stop the villainous Zoraxis in six new secret missions. If it looks like the original, it will be a fun and highly interactive spy thriller.

Brazil is also good at VR

If you like games with lots of puzzles and a good narrative to play on your VR, then Gravitational might be worth keeping an eye on. A science fiction VR game created by a team of Brazilian developers in which you step into the shoes of a wheelchair scientist who needs to solve situations in a complex without gravity to survive after everyone has gone. If doing things in zero gravity is complicated enough for someone who has all the movements, imagine for someone who can't move his legs.

If you liked the permission, then take the opportunity to read more about this game in a exclusive interview that we did with the game developers. Also, take the time to read more about VR games here on our website. And also leave in the comments: what did you think of the games? Are you excited for any of them? Leave it there in the comments and let's talk.

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