Company via paying up to R$300 for those who want to earn money playing games

EpicWinApp company will pay players to play and analyze games. Know how to participate

Want to earn money playing? So be aware that the EpicWin App are looking for candidates to play up to 12 hours of the latest games on PC and pay you to do so. You need fluent English, a good internet and a powerful PC and gaming gadgets, and although the company is based abroad, anyone can participate via the internet. If you are interested in the position, see how to apply for the position.

Getting paid to play video games was once a big dream for every kid who loves games. Before, it was much more difficult because access to major game championships was restricted to the United States, and there was little of that here in Brazil or, if there was, it was something very restricted to a few players, as there was not much publicity and sponsorship for the championships.

There were, of course, championships promoted by gaming magazines where players had to set records in specific games and upload photos of their scores to win, but nothing like those seen in movies like “The Video Game Genius” that ran in the Session. Late and made us dream of fame and millionaire prizes playing Super Mario.

Who didn't want to participate in a championship like this?

Another hope for those who wanted to do this was to try to be a writer for magazines like Action Games, Super Game Power or other publications that dominated newsstands in the 80s/90s, to work for one of the telephone tips services, such as Hot Line by Tectoy, or, with a lot of effort, entering the gaming industry.

Nowadays, if you're really good at a game, it's possible to join an E-Sports team, if become a cyberathlete and receive well for it, or be a streamer and start making your broadcasts to the internet and try to earn some money with their gameplay, not counting the games that pay in cryptocurrencies.

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With technology and games advancing every day, people want more information and make better informed decisions when choosing products, whether games, cell phones, mice or peripherals, to enhance their gaming experience.

Make money playing? How do I do?

The company EpicWinApp is looking for candidates who do reviews that are useful and speak the same language as those who will use the products, thus putting a real player to test and write product reviews. The new 'Gaming Technology Tester' will be hired to test PC gaming products and write full reviews on each piece of technology or accessory – critiquing the functionality, performance, item value for money paid and effectiveness of each product during game play. .

What does the company offer?

  • $60 (approximately R$300) per hour for your time playing and reviewing
  • An additional allowance of approximately US$50 (something like R$275) per month to spend on new games as they are released
  • The opportunity to keep all tested products

What does the company require?

  • Approximately 12 hours of work per week - this depends on game release dates
  • Some technology/gadget knowledge
  • Strong English Writing Skills
  • A solid internet connection to send your comments
make money playing
Make money playing? Only if it's now

Applicants must be over 21 years of age, but can be located anywhere in the world. The role is ideal for candidates who are tech savvy, have an interest in games, and may want to expand their writing portfolio. So if you want to test the world's most popular technology and gaming products, contact EpicWinApp and fill the form until November 1st!

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Now, leave it there in the comments if you liked the news. Signed up for the position? Contact us and enjoy to read more News on our website and good luck.

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