Based on player feedback, Skirmish releases Warpips update

The changes players have asked for are now in-game with the latest Warpips update. see what has changed

Skirmish is really pleased that so many players have played and loved their strategic war game, Warpips. They listen to their players, they see what people love, but also the things players think could be improved. Today, Skirmish is pleased to announce that the Player Feedback Update is available and addresses the changes players have asked for most.

Feedback was gathered via a game feedback form, on Discord and the Steam forums and compiled into a list of additions to the game. Some of the changes players have requested that have been added include:

  • Player units aren't killed when the enemy's objective explodes and instead remain alive and happy, ready to go home to their adorable pixel families;
  • Tower precision UI display tuned to be ironically more accurate;
  • The campaign map will now show connections between territories;
  • All units can now be sold back to the weapons dealer for combat coupons;
  • Added a toggle button to show or skip the battle intro cut scenes to the options menu;
  • Added a switch to disable excess blood and clotted blood in the options menu;

Read the full update from player feedback here

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Warpips is the ultimate fast-to-learn yet incredibly deep tug-of-war strategy game. Deploy the right composition of soldiers, tanks, helicopters and planes in this combat game focused on mechanical strategy. Search for the right units, create infinite strategic combinations and invoke air strikes to defeat the enemy. Battles are randomly generated, bringing unlimited playability that is different every time you play!

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The addictive pixel war title was successfully released on Steam Early Access on April 29th. The player feedback update is the second major update since launch, but more updates and content are still on the way.

Warpips Update

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