Watch Dogs Legion: New leaked images of the game

Another leak from Ubisoft occurred today with a gallery of prints of Watch Dogs Legion that was made available on Imgur. It wasn't as big as the last leak that was from Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Here, we can see only a few pictures of characters, HUD, and more.

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The first image shows the agent “Football Hooligans”, who is described as “operator”, that is, who could be a playable agent. The most notable mechanic in Watch Dogs Legion is that it allows you to recruit any NPC in the game, turning them into a playable character capable of dying forever. This includes the elderly as well. Your choice of agent determines what skills you can use, so that the hooligan can call on his teammates to help in a fight and suffer less damage because he is all drunk, while the spy gets a ridiculous spy car, spy watch and silenced pistol.

What conclusions can we draw from the leaked prints of Watch Dogs Legion?

It looks like this information will be available while you are walking, so you can see which random people you are running into are packing and decide if it is worth recruiting. In the screenshot of the policeman, above, there is a small icon; a red thumb down in the corner of the NPC details screen, perhaps suggesting that it is not yet possible to recruit her.

When Ubisoft showed Legion at E3, there were three broad classes with different advantages - Infiltrator, Enforcer and Hacker - but it seems that these were replaced by specialized classes with more exclusive advantages. All of them can also carry a pair of weapons and a gadget, such as drones.

A date on a poster was also circulated by the sender. It's September 16th, and although the conclusion that we must clearly draw is that it's the Legion release date, take that as just a rumor.

Ubisoft delayed the Legion, along with several other games, taking it back to an unspecified time in 2020/2021. However, we will see more soon, as it will be part of the Ubisoft showcase, Ubisoft Forward, on July 12th. Join Uplay during the show and you'll also get a free copy of Watch Dogs 2.

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