Fortnite had week 6 challenges leaked, check it out!

Typically, a release date for each week's challenges is posted by Fortnite Data Miners on Twitter, a few days before the actual announcement. So it was no different with the challenges of week 6.

Fortnite is approaching the middle of season 4, ending the week 5 challenges that remain. Each week, players receive a new list of new ways to earn rewards and a lot of XP.

Fortnite is expected to receive its next patch tomorrow, bringing with it another set of challenges for players to complete. Each challenge completed gives you a significant boost to your XP, increasing the level of your Battlepass and potentially unlocking new skins.

Week 6 Challenges

Week 6 Challenges
Fortnite had week 6 challenges leaked, check it out! | epic games store, fortnite | week 6 challenges

The new challenges are as follows:

  • Search for chests in the Weeping Grove (7) (25.000 XP)
  • Eliminations in Cordillera City (3) (25.000 XP)
  • Collect Coral Castle Stone (300) (25.000 XP)
  • Consume a legendary fish (1) (25.000 XP)
  • Consume food items in Alameda Arborizada (10) (25.000 XP)
  • Walk along a zip line from Via do Varejo to Scorching Chimneys (1) (25.000 XP)
  • Deals damage after pushing an opponent back with the Black Panther's kinetic shock wave (1.000) (25.000 XP)
  • Deals damage to opponents in Swamp Glup (25.000 XP)

One of week 6's highlights for next week is the task of consuming a legendary fish in Fortnite. Although relatively simple and straightforward, this challenge implies that fish spawning rates may have been adjusted, and Epic wants players to fish more as a result. This probably has to do with Peixe Midas, which was disabled in the game for some time.

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According to reports, before the fish was enabled in the game, it had an appearance rate of 0,00004%. However, after its activation it was discovered that it had an appearance rate of 1%, but it could only be fished with a professional fishing rod.

Certainly, throwing your fishing rod 100 times to get a Midas Fish is a little less tiring than the millions of times that could have been done before the adjustments.

Other challenges

The team's challenge for this week is to do 1.000 damage after pushing an opponent back with the Black Panther's kinetic shockwave and completing this challenge will give you 50.000 XP. Remember that these challenges can be completed with your friends, although you can also complete them yourself.

Another challenge in addition to the ones for the week is where players have a chance to defeat the legend of the X-Men Wolverine. Upon completing this task, they will receive a special reward. Possibly this reward will be a Wolverine skin, along with the mutant's famous claws.

This task may not be easy for players, as Wolverine has his mutant ability to regenerate all 1.000 health and shield. It can be found in the Bosque Choroso, for more details on the Fortnite Wolverine check out this post.

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Fortnite week 6 challenge notes

In addition to the obvious difficulty of finding a Midas Fish, the rest of week 6's challenges look pretty easy. Players can expect a significant increase in players from certain areas of the map, such as Bosque Choroso, Ciudad del Cordillera, as well as everywhere else related to weekly challenges.

However, given the simplicity of next week’s challenges, you shouldn’t worry too much about those challenges that significantly affect how the game runs. Most likely, players will simply complete their goals and then move on to playing the game as normal, or perhaps move on to more specific character-based challenges.

Of course, if you finish this quickly and want another challenge to be completed, don't forget to complete the secret hidden Downfall challenge that was recently discovered, check out the video:

Fortnite season 4 continues and can be played on all major consoles, mobile devices and PCs. So go out there and enjoy this Marvel themed season while you can.

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