Werewolves Within: Ubisoft's New Bet Trailer for Cinemas

Have you ever heard of Werewolves Within? It is a VR (virtual reality) game from Ubisoft launched in 2016 and is on the list of games that will be adapted for cinemas! Check out the trailer:

According to the movie's official website, this is the synopsis:

“After a pipeline creates divisions in the small town of Beaverfield, and a blizzard traps its residents together at a local inn, newly arrived ranger Finn (Sam Richardson) and wallet Cecily (Milana Vayntrub) must try to keep the peace and discover the truth behind a mysterious creature that has begun to terrorize the community.”

Through the trailer, not much can be said about the story of the film itself. What can be inferred is that the story is about a small town called Beaverfield, where everything is “questionable”, as the video says. Villagers are trapped in a spot while a creature starts attacking people.

In the trailer itself, it is already explicit that the creature is taken as a werewolf (or in the title of the movie, in the case Werewolves Within can be translated to “werewolves inside”). It is unknown when or who he will attack again, and a hunt begins as people try to protect themselves from the threat.

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It is also already clear in the video that the werewolf is among themselves, meaning no one is safe. It's up to them now to unravel this mystery once and for all, and keep as many people alive.

It's a very interesting script, and a good premise for a horror movie. But what intrigues the trailer most is the strong presence, not horror, but comedy. It's a kind of difficult mix to make, since generally to characterize an engaging horror movie you need a more “serious” take.

But you can be more relaxed about this horror-comedy vibe when you look at the director's name: Josh Ruben. Ruben directed and produced the 2020-released movie of the same genre called Scare Me. Scare Me has been well received by critics and fans alike, so you could say he knows what he's doing.

Another interesting curiosity about Werewolves Within is the producer: Ubisoft Film&Television (formerly known as Ubisoft Motion Pictures). Yes, Ubisoft itself is producing the film. It will be the second film adaptation produced by the company, the first being the Assassin's Creed film released in 2016.

As for this, there are some doubts, as Assassin's Creed was blasted by critics at the time it was released, having a score of 36 among critics on Metacritic, and a note of 6 among users of the site. At Rotten Tomatoes, he received an 18% rating. In other words, you can take a step back with the new release.

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At the same time, from 2016 until now we have a good few years, and a lot has changed, as they probably must have learned from their mistakes. In the meantime, Ubisoft Film&Television released a series called Mythic Quest, also based on a game of the same name that was very well received by critics and even renewed for the second season. So, back to the hype for the release of Werewolves Within.

On the poster, the villagers of beaverfield are seen, with a forest background. Above, the names of the main actors and below the title - werewolves within
Official poster of Werewolves Within

On the film's cast, Sam Richardson (Detroiters, The Tomorrow War) is Finn, Milana Vayntrub (This is Us) is Cecily. Other major roles include Michael Chernus (Orange is the New Black, Spider-Man: Back Home), Michaela Watkins (Saturday Night Live), Cheyenne Jackson (American Horror Story), George Basil (Man Underground), Sarah Burns (Big Little Lies), Catherine Curtin (Orange is the New Black), Harvey Guillen (What we do in the Shadows), among others.

It is a cast not very well known to the public, with some small roles here and there, usually not among the main ones, and if they are among the main ones it is in series/minor films. With a few exceptions, of course. But a very competent cast at what promises, having comedians (yes, yourself Michaela Watkins) and even singers (Cheyenne Jackson, I'm looking at you).

In summary, you can expect an exciting film, which will both make you laugh a lot and promises to be immersed in the mystery. Can you guess who the werewolf is before the revelation?

Werewolves Within is set to be released in international theaters on June 25th, and July 2nd on VOD. For Brazil, however, there is still no forecast for the debut.

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Werewolves Within

Four people. Two are seated pointing to a third who is standing, the other is also seated but makes a thumbs-down sign
Villagers vote among themselves to find the werewolf among them

The original Werewolves Within, game released in 2016 in virtual reality by Ubisoft, is like a detective game. Do you remember that game in which several people play, one is in charge of being the “detective”, another would be the “murderer”, the rest are “victims”. The assassin's objective is to kill all victims by winking at them. The detective, however, must find out who the killer is before that happens.

It's a very fun and very popular game from a few years ago, which gained notoriety again recently with the release of Among Us, game that also follows the same premises.

In Werewolves Within, we have the fictional medieval village of Gallowston (yes, unlike the movie), the villagers need to band together to find who is the werewolf among them before it kills them all. It's a very dynamic and fun game, as no game is the same as the previous one, with a new werewolf in each round.

Five to eight players join a match. To play, you must have virtual reality glasses. You can find the game at Steam and para PS4.

So, what did you think of the trailer for the new Ubisoft movie? Are you excited for the premiere? Did you already know the game Werewolves Within? Leave your opinion for us in the comments!

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