Activision's blunders: What could improve on CoD Warzone?

Much is questioned about what to improve in CoD Warzone, Activision has been making a lot of mistakes in the course of this 1 year of success, bugs, hackers, instability are some of the main complaints of the public.

Loved by some, hated by others, one of the great sensations of 2020, the free battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone completed 1 year of existence in March 2021, and in the midst of that time, the game suffered a flood of criticism from its players regarding errors, bugs and wrong decisions by its developers.

This series of problems that are passive to make a player stop playing the game, can be expensive for Actvision, since the giant has already defined the CoD Warzone as its main product and, also, main means of publicizing its future games of the franchise Call of Duty.

Amid so many points, check out what to improve on CoD Warzone by Raven Software, developer of the game. Follow the list:

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Improve the visibility of game

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CoD Warzone completed 1 year on 10/03/21

One of the big problems pointed out by the fans and what to improve in CoD Warzone, is precisely the visibility. The biggest complaints are from console players who have a very limited system to regulate the lighting of the game.

Criticism increased even more in Modern Warfare season 5 and Warzone, the main one was in relation to the poor visibility due to the operator Roze, a character unlocked at level 100 of the battle pass of that season. The skin "Rook" that has a completely dark costume and considered "pay to win" by some players, due to its ability to camouflage indoors.

An update to better regulate the image and ambience of the game would be enough to save developers from criticism.

Adjusting FOV Slider for CoD Warzone on consoles

Console players have long asked for the integration of FOV adjustment (acronyms for Field of View, in Portuguese) for the CoD Warzone. This tool is very popular in online games and has always been available in the game for players of PC. Fact that bothers those who play for Xbox ou Playstation, who claim disadvantage and therefore keep charging developers.

The value of the Fov for console is set at 80. In the case of PC, the player can adjust from 80 to 120, if he prefers.

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Remember that Treyarch brought this feature to the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War console, but it didn't make it to CoD Warzone.

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Currently, CoD Warzone is one of the most popular battle royales of 2021

Speed ​​to correct bugs

In 1 year of life, CoD players Warzone already witnessed several bugs in the game, some of these errors have already directly influenced the game experience and hinder the gameplay of those who just wanted to have fun. Bugs have become more and more frequent since the merger of Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War into the CoD Warzone, when Treyarch finally teamed up with Infinity Ward and Raven Software and gathered content.

Actvision's ambitious project ended up generating several errors such as the “syringe bug” or “stimulant bug”, where a player could infinitely form a stimulant to recover life even within the lethal gas of battle royale. Practice that led the player to win the match without even facing his opponents.

This bug has already been fixed and ended up returning more than once. Despite this problem, players faced an even greater problem: the delay in fixing the bug. Considered an error that completely disrupts the battle royale experience, Raven Software should act faster and work harder to prevent this bug from returning again.

A better anti-cheat system in the game

Another major problem that haunts the CoD Warzone it is precisely the one that every game faces: hackers. This is undoubtedly the main problem in any game and in Call of Duty, it is no different. This is unlikely to be completely overcome, but the frequency with which it occurs on the Verdansk map is worrisome for the community.

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Raven Software has already shown itself to be aware of the problem, but unfortunately is unable to cope with the number of cheaters that appear in the game. If Activision doesn't want to lose an audience, it has to invest more in an anti-cheat. Within the 'problematic' of what to improve in CoD Warzone, this item is definitely urgent.

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Fans of the franchise believe that solving hacking issues would be something to improve on CoD Warzone

Fix online server instabilities

There is no doubt that CoD's online servers Warzone is one of the most criticized points. And the fans are right. It is very common for you to enter the game, play a game or two and then suddenly be disconnected from the servers. This has been going on since the early seasons. Moments that even cost championship standings, as happened in October 2020, during the race to get a place in the play-offs of Rokkr Royale, Warzone's “world”. The team of ziGueira, ninexTT and TonyBoy were left out due to the unsubstantiated fall of the server.

Currently the Raven Software uses its official twitter to inform the community of future updates.

Is that you? Comment below on your opinion on what to improve on CoD Warzone.

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