Why will Spider-Man be PS4 exclusive in Marvel's Avengers?

Earlier this week it was announced that Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel's Avengers game in a post-launch update, but only on PlayStation platforms. As you might expect, this news was not particularly good for fans of non-Sony platforms - Spider-Man is a very popular character, after all.

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In interview with NewsweekScot Amos, head of Crystal Dynamics, tried to explain how a fan-favorite character could end up connected to a single platform, saying that "he goes back to the relationship with PlayStation and Marvel".

“It turns out that we are able to execute and deliver when it comes to choices of where and what Spider-Man can be. This is a relationship issue that you know that PlayStation has absolutely the right to do, as you know with the Sony film is owned there and Marvel with Sony saying, 'Hey, this is something we can do on this platform' and , as creators, we have the opportunity to create something unique, fun and impressive “. he said.

The comment “film rights” is a reference to the sometimes contentious relationship between Marvel Studios, which makes (among other things) Marvel films, and Sony Pictures, which through the magic of big business ended the rights of Spider-man movies. That's why you don't see any Avengers cameos in pre-Spider-man movies, for example, and why Spidey took so long to connect with the Avengers.

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There was confusion between Sony and Marvel's mother Disney in 2019 that threatened to take Spider-man out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe again, though, like Variety reported, the problem was resolved quickly. But Sony still has a unique influence on the character.

Why will Spider-Man be exclusive to PS4 in Marvel's Avengers? | Spiderman

Great resolution given by the Amos Amos Spider-Man problem

In an interview with IGNAmos suggested that the absence of Spider-man on other platforms is not really a big problem, because there are so many other things going on. "Marvel Avengers have a lot of heroes, and with the scope and scope of this game and this universe, players will have their hands full with a lot to play with," he said.

And for fans who really want to play as Spider-Man, he had some simple advice: "You have the option to do this on PlayStation."

Sony's licensing agreement explains Spider-Man's exclusivity, but that's not where it ends: PlayStation owners will also have a month of early access to new characters released for the game, and PS Plus subscribers will also receive a package for each new hero that includes another outfit, nameplate and 100 in-game credits. Marvel's Avengers will be out on September 4th.

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