Guerrilla Games Details Creation of Horizon Forbidden West World

Guerrilla Games details the process of creating the new world Aloy will venture into

Guerrilla Games, responsible for creating the world of Horizon Forbidden West, has launched a new post on the PlayStation Blog, which details the process of creating the scenario in which Aloy, the heroine hunter of animal-machines, will spend her adventure. Aloy's new adventure set in the San Francisco area. The text explains how the producer made the scenarios and NPC's more interactive and complex, as well as bringing information about the new tribes, cities and customizable items.

Bo de Vries, Community Lead at Guerrilla, contextualizes the player about the main improvements in the game's ambiance. Another important detail is how the entire process was designed so that the interaction with the narrative and the evolution of the character are interconnected throughout the campaign. Check the post in full by accessing the PlayStation Blog and a quick introduction here.

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world of forbidden west horizon
The world of Forbidden West

The world of Horizon Forbidden West

With hours and hours of exploration in the Forbidden West, how do you create a thriving and exuberant world, full of activities, without excess people and without diminishing the main story? Espen Sogn, Guerrilla's Lead Designer for Set Dynamics, explains how his team approached this issue.

“When you explore the Forbidden West, everything seems to belong to the environment. Guerrilla's Scenario Dynamics team works on the aspects of the game that make the world authentic and alive: the tribes, the villages and their inhabitants. There is an intention behind every element we insert into the world.”

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The clarity of these intentions is a result of collaboration with the storytelling team. “At the beginning of a project, we think a lot about each tribe we're going to encounter,” explains Annie Kitain, senior writer for Guerrilla. “What are the local conflicts, how do they fit into the story, and how do they interact with the world around them. The Tenakth, for example. Many of these people's beliefs are influenced by the ancient ruins of the Forbidden West, and unlike other tribes, they are divided into three different clans. They share the same history, beliefs and conflicts, and all of this is important in developing the characters Aloy encounters along the way.”

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The world of Horizon Forbidden West

Creating a world with purpose

“Our main challenge is to convey this part of the narrative with visual elements that integrate with the world”, says Espen. “The Tenakth are known for their competitiveness and warrior mentality, but so are the other tribes. So how do we distinguish them and communicate this visually?”

“We focus on details, animations and behaviors. In Tenakth villages, they are seen training, preparing for combat. They are usually younger because, as warriors, they need to be in full physical shape. The tribe's base is an ancient ruin, from which they have adopted certain Old World gestures that they don't quite understand, like using a military salute to say hello.”

“Our main objective is to convey the feeling of connection between NPCs and the place where they live. We work closely with other internal teams, such as Narrativa, Missions and Scenery, to ensure that all locations look authentic.”

“The work of the scenario dynamics team is fantastic. It's amazing to see everything falling into place,” says Annie. “Each tribe starts out as a group of ideas, which end up becoming amazing villages. Like the Utaru, who were imagined as an agrarian society and deeply attached to the land around them. After the tribe has been inserted into the game, and the scenery dynamics team has done their magic tricks, we walk through the Utaru's fields, interact with them and think “wow, it's perfect”. The tribe really looks real.”

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