World of Warcraft: Half Deaf produces exclusive game podcast

While the new Shadowlands expansion has yet to arrive, big fans and even new players of the famous online multiplayer RPG can discover new information about the game franchise in a new format. The new podcast will have 12 episodes and the first of them is already available among the main podcast platforms.

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The new Shadowlands expansion will arrive on October 27 on all World of Warcraft servers. In the meantime, players will be able to enjoy the “Travelers of Azeroth” podcast, which is being produced by Half Deaf in partnership with Blizzard. The episodes are available in Portuguese and Spanish, and the first episode is now available on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Podcasts. You can also access the podcasts in Portuguese on the official website of half deaf.

World of warcraft travelers from azeroth
World of Warcraft: Half Deaf Produces Exclusive Game Podcast | blizzard, world of warcraft | World of Warcraft

The podcast is presented by the greatest influencers and narrators of the World of Warcraft championships, Vitor “Jiraya” Mantovani and Fernanda “Nanda” Kruschwesky. The episodes will be released every Wednesday, with some special guests, including members of Blizzard's own development team. The content of the podcast will be aimed at both experienced players and new players in the fictional world of Blizzard.

About Half Deaf and World of Warcraft

Half Deaf is a podcast producer by the digital marketing agency GMD, which produces several entertainment podcasts, including in the video game world, including the Export Report, Level Up Show and Mother Chip.

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“Games are part of the lifestyle of millions of Brazilians, who seek to consume their favorite titles and series in various ways, whether with clothing items, books, collectibles and podcasts, among others. Azeroth Travelers transports listeners to an environment complementary to the in-game experience and will certainly provoke an excellent engagement among fans of the Blizzard game, ”comments Lucas Patrício, CEO of Half Deaf.

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