World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - Expansion coming in beta next week

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the game's next expansion, will arrive in beta next week, according to a livestream made today by Blizzard. Like the betas from other expansions, this will be a great opportunity to advance the game before the official launch and explore some zones and dungeons; even if your progress is not transferred to active servers.

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Shadowlands beta invitations will be launched next week and, to participate, you'll need to go to the account management page and activate the option to receive a beta invitation. Also to play you need to download a special version of the Battle net launcher.

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During the livestream, game director Ion Hazzikostas offered a few more details about the changes players can expect, especially if they have been active in the closed alpha test, which has been live since April.

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Anyway, one of the biggest changes we can expect is that the Torghast, the roguelike dungeon, changes every time you enter; not restricting your frequency to play weekly. That was great news, as many of the coolest WoW content in the last expansion was blocked by similar restrictions that tend to be very bad.

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The beta version will also be a complete experience. Whoever plays can go up to the level limit. Hazzikostas also said that the beta version is a "complete feature", but there are (obviously) many bugs.

Anyway, later, we will have more about Shadowlands later this week.

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