PUBG World Cup is announced and will feature six teams from the Americas

PUBG World Cup is announced and will take place between November 19th and December 19th, in South Korea, and will feature the 32 best teams in the world

KRAFTON, Inc. announces the holding of the PUBG Global Championship (PGC), 2021 edition of the PUBG World Championship: BATTLEGROUNDS, to be held in Paradise City, Incheon, South Korea, November 19-December 19 , with the participation of 32 teams from all over the planet and prizes of at least US$ 2 million.

The PGC 2021 will feature the presence of six teams from the Americas, a region of which Latin America is part, with assured participation of at least one Latin American team. The Americas qualifiers list, which also includes North America, will be defined based on the points ranking for the PGC that takes into account the scores obtained in the four regional championships of 2021. PCS5 Americas is the last of the competitions of the season and starts this Thursday (16), with completion scheduled for October 1st.

World of pubg is announced
PUBG World Announced

In addition to the six teams from the Americas, the PGC 2021 will feature 12 representatives from Asia, eight from Europe and six from Asia-Pacific.

The PGC 2021 will run for five weeks: a week of Rank Decision to define the starting positions in the dispute, three weeks of weekly leagues (Weekly Survival and Weekly Final) and a Grand Final in the last week.

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The competition will also use a new scoring method, with points returning according to match standings and the number of opponents out. Only Weekly Survival will take into account the Most Chicken Rule, where the leaderboard is based primarily on the number of matches won by the teams.

regional circuit

PCS5 is the last competition of the 2021 regional competitive circuit, bringing together the 16 best teams in the Americas, defined through the Latin America and North America sub-regional Group Stages and the Last Chance Qualifier. The championship has a prize pool of US$ 250, gives points for the PGC ranking and classifies the champion directly for the world championship.

PCS5 Americas will be held on September 16, 17, 23, 24 and 30 and October 1, always from 20 pm (Brasilia time), broadcast in Portuguese on Twitch, YouTube e Facebook.

Before PCS5, the regional circuit had ESL PUBG Masters: Phase 1, PCS4 and ESL PUBG Masters: Phase 2.

For the latest PUBG competition news, please visit or access the official PUBG Esports channels on Twitch, YouTube e Facebook.

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