World War 3: Community-made game mode is released

First, The 51 Farm is pleased to announce that a new community game mode has arrived in World War 3! After extensive testing and numerous adjustments during his time on PTE servers, the team is pleased to say that Breakthrough is going live.

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The idea for this game mode, Breakthrough, came directly from the community of World War 3. A group of players contacted the The 51 Farm asking the team if they could set up closed servers so that they could experiment with an idea of ​​a game mode that they felt fit into the game, with instructions for anyone wanting to participate in the tests. After a few successful events, the team adopted the idea and refined it in a way that fit into World War 3.

World war 3: Community-made game mode is released | ss c772170eff207464c8056dbccf8f4b8800fcb5a2. 600x338 easy resize. With | the farm 51, world war | world war 3 news
World War 3: Community Made Game Mode Released | the farm 51, world war | World War 3

The 51 Farm had plans to include a community game mode since Early Access started.

What is Breakthrough - World War 3?

As a third game mode currently available in World War 3, Breakthrough fits between Team Deathmatch and Warzone. Players are divided into two teams that try to counter each other's actions, with the attacking team trying to destroy radio stations scattered around the map, while the defending team tries to stop them. Radio stations can be destroyed in several ways, with the main option using explosive charges planted to destroy the area. More detailed information about Breakthrough, the new community game mode, can be found HERE, but the main rules for Breakthrough game mode are:

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  • The match lasts between 15 and 30 minutes
  • 10 against 10 players, divided equally into attackers and defenders
  • Attackers try to destroy radio stations, while defenders try to stop them
  • After the successful neutralization of the radio stations at the two adjacent points (A1 and A2, B1 and B2, etc.), the front line is pushed back;
  • Defenders need to retreat safely in 60 seconds as they are marked for attackers during retreat
  • If attackers destroy all radio stations, they will win
  • If defenders at any time prevent attackers from destroying radio stations and the timer reaches zero, they will win
  • Players can use all available attacks
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