Wreckfest receives free tournament update

Wreckfest has just won a free tournament update, with a new arena, as well as a new American All-Star Car Pack DLC.

Tournament mode is to put your racing and destruction skills to the test by competing in exciting challenges, not only against the game, but also against other players! 

It all comes down to being a boss, winning trophies in challenges and gaining fame, with new challenges arriving every day, every week and every month; and then using the fame gained to claim exclusive rewards from the tournament store, with new epic rewards each season. 

Daily challenges are a fun thing you can tackle every day to prepare for Tournament Mode; the prestigious weekly and monthly challenges that make you face other players around the world in exciting limited-time challenges on the leaderboard; in order to conquer the leaderboards and be crowned the undisputed king of demolition!

Some of the Tournament Mode events are completed with the content of the DLC, but if you don't have the specific DLC, you don't have to worry, because everyone can participate. This is also true for AI; therefore, for the first time, you can compete with DLC cars and special computer-controlled vehicles. The game has been set to Tournament Mode, so you can expect maximum action and maximum damage.

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Wreckfest: All Stars Car Pack

Wreckfest gets free update with tournament mode and new dlc all star car pack
Vehicles of the new American All-Star Car Pack DLC

Talking about DLCs, there's a new one: American All-Star Car Pack! This new package adds three new American heavy icons, each offering a different type of gaming experience. With this Car Pack was added: The Grand Duke marks the return of the demolition royal derby that brings a serious punch; Wildking is a true American icon with enough power to move fast; and Little Thrasher is a great little truck that exceeds its weight.

In addition, this Wreckfest update is also adding another new free demolition derby arena called The Maw. This new arena is like a crazy brother to Hellride and takes the battle to a high platform, with the weak and the losers facing their untimely death by falling. 

Load times have also been improved and various adjustments have been made to help with online stability. As well as other changes being made based on feedback from the community.

Remembering that Wreckfest is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check the official game page.

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