WWE 2K21 will not happen this year

2K Games has released a WWE game every year since 2011, but that consistent series is coming to an end. WWE CFO Frank Riddick announced the same today during an investor call, stating that the brand-based WWE 2K21 will launch in 2020.

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Riddick did not provide any explicit reason for this, although the disastrous WWE 2K20 probably did not favor the series. The game was notoriously broken at launch, with incredible and traumatic results.

Wwe 2k21 will not happen
WWE 2K21 Will Not Happen This Year | WWE 2K21

There are rumors that WWE 2K21 will not happen. Former series writer Justin Leeper said in a video earlier this month that he was confident the game had been canceled. Interestingly, Leeper also said that a different WWE style of game could be published by 2K in 2020 - a “palate cleaner” - although Riddick's statement seems to rule out that possibility.

According to Leeper in the same video, WWE 2K22 has not been canceled, and there is every possibility that WWE 2K20 develops Visual Concepts just needs more time to learn the ropes of wrestling game development, as the game demonstrates last year.

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About the WWE 2K / WWE 2K21 franchise

WWE 2K is a series of professional wrestling video games developed by Yuke's and distributed by 2K. The games in the series are based on WWE programs, counting the fighters from the year to the Wrestlemania and several different fighting modalities. Originally the series was called WWF Smackdown, based on the program of the same name, and was later renamed WWE SmackDown! vs RAW, due to the casting of the Monday Night RAW program. IN 2011, THQ announced that as of that date the series would simply be called WWE due to the launch of WWE '12.

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