Your ASUS motherboard will receive an update for the Windows 11 TPM

O Windows 11 will be here before we know it. Therefore, ASUS is gearing up for the latest version of Microsoft's operating system by updating the BIOS of many of its motherboards with automatic Windows 11 TPM support.

Tpm windows 11

Why Windows 11 automatic TPM support is important

Microsoft has decided to make TPM support a requirement for the Windows 11. This caused a lot of confusion as many people noticed that their computers did not have the option enabled in the BIOS. If the option was there, it was usually labeled PTT or PSP fTPM, adding to the confusion.

Fortunately, many motherboard manufacturers are gearing up for the Windows 11 adding an option to turn on the Windows 11 TPM manually or, in the case of ASUS, turn it on automatically. Many users aren't comfortable tinkering with their BIOS settings, so enabling it by default should create a much better user experience for most people who want to upgrade to Windows 11 and make everything work as usual. expected.

ASUS published a list of motherboards who will receive the update, and it is extensive. Many cards have the update ready, but others are still listed as "In Test" as ASUS works to get them ready in time for the release of the Windows 11. The page also has a link to download the latest BIOS version, if it's ready for your specific motherboard.

By the way, modern motherboards that support TPM actually use UEFI instead of a traditional BIOS, but many people still call UEFI “BIOS”.

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If you still have questions about Windows 11, we have very complete articles talking about the new operating system from Microsoft. You may know everything you need about Windows 11 (including about TPM) and then know how to install Windows 11 quickly and easily.


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