Youtube is penalizing opinion channels

Youtube channels about comments, criticisms and bullshit are at serious risk of strike and demonetization, due to a platform rule, which is already penalizing some channels.

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The new Youtube marker says that channels should not have content that incites hostility in their audience or among other channels and creators. However, it is a very comprehensive rule that can be interpreted in many ways.

As an example, we can say that a channel cannot create content talking about other channels, as this could encourage hostility among its audience, causing them to attack other channels in a negative way.

Failure to comply with this line may result in strikes or demonetization. The most common is demonetization, mainly for a period of two weeks. It is a very serious and damaging punishment for the income of many channels.

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YouTube channels on comments and bullshit are at serious risk of strike and demonetization

Creating content that negatively affects the YouTube ecosystem, inciting hostility between content creators for the purpose of receiving personal financial gains.

An example of this type of content is channels Mendoza City, leo ottoco, Drama Alert and some others. A tricky part of all of this is that most of the YouTube audience likes to see bullshit, criticism, discussion of opinions; comments on controversial issues and the like. This type of content is what moves most YouTube views, so depending on how this rule is applied, many channels will lose part of their income; audience and content.

Everyone agrees that no one should encourage hostility and negative attitudes because of sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religiosity, etc. The question is about not being able to comment on bullshit on YouTube, exposing opinions about controversial issues, opinions about other channels and the like.

This YouTube rule has been in effect since December 2019, so far few channels have been affected, but it has become increasingly strict, possibly it is still in the testing phase; so when it is definitively implemented it can cause many difficulties for channels in this niche.

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