After 190% growth, AliExpress will offer progressive discounts to users

AliExpress, the world's largest international sales site, is holding its biggest discount action in Brazil this year between June 27th and July 1st. In the period, thousands of items from famous brands such as Xiaomi, DJI and Amazfit, for example, will have price cuts that can reach 80%. Over the period, the list of products available to Brazilians with “free shipping” will be expanded and will include millions of new items. 

The action, called “Joga no Carrin”, will also offer progressive discounts to users. Anyone who buys multiple items that add up to R$ 150 in total, for example, will receive R$ 15 discounts on purchases. The face value of the discount increases the larger the order. In purchases of R$ 450, the discount applied will be R$ 45. In addition to these benefits, the user will accumulate cashback on the platform and will be able to use the money accumulated in future purchases. 


The increasing discounts aim to encourage the user to purchase more than one item per order, even if the products are chosen from different stores in the marketplace. Alibaba's Big Data technologies allow you to identify shipments prepared by different stores on the platform and merge them into a single shipment, when the buyer is the same. In practice, this reduces operational costs with logistics and allows for the expansion of free shipping services. 

This will be the second major promotion that the brand carries out, for the Brazilian market, this year. According to Briza Bueno, director of AliExpress in Brazil, the current moment of the Brazilian economy has made consumers more attentive to price changes and more willing to research before buying. “To celebrate 12 years of AliExpress's operations, for example, we promoted strong discounts on March 27, the brand's anniversary. Sales on the date recorded an increase of 190% in relation to the same period of the previous year, demonstrating the interest of consumers for purchase opportunities with discounts”, she says.

More flights to Brazil – To meet the demand of the Brazilian market and offer users a better shopping experience, AliExpress has increased the number of weekly charter flights bringing orders to Brazil to 8. In practice, there are daily flights and, weekly, more than one on the same day, connecting Brazil to the main suppliers in the world. This logistical effort makes it possible to deliver an international order to Brazilian territory in a maximum of 7 days. The transport time between the airport and the buyer's home may vary, depending on where the user lives.

To communicate the action “Joga no Carrin”, AliExpress will carry out a campaign signed by the agency AlmapBBDO exploring the hit that went viral on social networks “Joga de ladinho e faz a little heart”. Celebrities such as actress Viih Tube and youtuber Nanda Caroll participate in a campaign alongside several other influencers, who will curate purchases, including items from famous brands and unique products that can only be found on a platform with a wide variety of items. , such as AliExpress.

About AliExpress – Launched in 2010, AliExpress is the Alibaba Group's global marketplace that gives consumers around the world the ability to buy directly from manufacturers and distributors. The organization aims to become a platform for merchants from all over the world to sell locally and globally. AliExpress operates in several languages, including Portuguese, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian and French.  

About Alibaba Group – Alibaba Group is a technology multinational whose mission is to make it easier to do business anywhere in the digital age. The group intends to build the commercial infrastructure of the future, aiming for its customers to be able to meet, work and live in the Alibaba universe, which will be a company that will last at least 102 years. 

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