BIG Festival: Game registrations open!

First, on the last day 3 the BIG (Brazil's Independent Games Festival) announced on its social networks that registration for games for the 2020 edition is now open![0]=68.ARBVZ38G_46lISErX75OEfYrCEZ-YeHXi–yg78dIESo6f2DYrmjljdIeQabFPCgay38J3BZC5Gk8lnvKUDn0p2Y6eyVyWCU5SVVklI5XOgBJrK4Lr7mZxuQuCOgkbROles-gtrzMz7xgVMoi8EJOYDT_kgjUkh7Le6gtGAvhollswK8Pmxd4RyHpPoMyilEtB79y1gUPFUnisapysNEhViaLbTTqK8YV2KJdnSmdrVVLDzPC6Mqi-uMSzecKZKIES-n-KW7gfD7lL9yUuy6ZFi0Y4roasaaanNfXPLScNiv-kGKfxuAIdRepUn3ctJ5WfoZn44rmPheDPzSOhOJof1YUQ&__tn__=-R

Anyway, with the success of the previous edition, the forecast for this year's BIG is even more positive!

Last year, the edition featured 7 5 selected games, out of 500 that were sent from 43 different countries! In addition to having at BIG Business Meetigns, there were 4 thousand meetings with the participation of630 professionals (125 international), generating a forecast of more than $ 63 million in business over the next 12 months. There are more and more opportunities for business & learning between Brazilian companies and several international players!

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BIG Festival: Game submissions open! | BIG | BIG Festival

About BIG Festival

O BIG Festival (Brazil's Independent Games Festival) happens since 2012 and is the most important festival of independent games in Latin America.

In addition to exposing the most innovative games from around the world to the public, the event is also the main meeting point for those who want to understand the universe of games in depth, with lectures, workshops, keynotes and the largest gaming business forum in America. Latin.

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The event is a real success and brings up different verticals, such as:

O BIG Forum, which brings together professionals from the games industry, with lectures, workshops and etc. The BIG Business Meeting, which holds business meetings in an exclusive area for entrepreneurs, you can check the companies participating in the last edition by clicking here. However, of course, the virtual reality market also has space at the event, with the BIG XR / VR, there is an exhibition of games for the public and sessions that discuss virtual reality. Anyway, something very important for our continent is also BIG Latin America; In it, the best games developed by the Latin American region are brought to the fore.

Anyway, did you like the event? then follow BIG's social networks to stay on top of all the news of the event! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Flickr e UAF YouTube.

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