Positivo Chromebooks facilitate teaching activities in schools across the country

Computers developed in partnership with Google to increase teaching equity are used in educational projects implemented by public institutions, such as the Goiás Department of Education 

The Positivo Chromebook N2210 and Positivo Chromebook N2212 computers, the result of the partnership between Positivo and Google, have gained prominence in recent years with the greater demand for blended learning and the increased use of technology in the daily life of schools. Positivo's chromebooks are designed to perform tasks faster and easier and use Chrome OS, Google's cloud-first operating system, allowing users to access, save and edit documents linked to their account online and protected with passwords.

Positive Chromebooks
Positivo Chromebooks facilitate teaching activities – Photo: Disclosure/Positivo

What is a chromebook?

Chromebooks have gained traction in the notebook market in recent years for being affordable machines. They run a lighter operating system, Google's Chrome OS, which is open source, focused on the web and services offered by the company. The interface of this system is basically a browser, Chrome. From there, logged in with a Google account, the user has access to the web and the brand's services. The operating system, however, is not available as a download for installation, as it comes embedded in specific models manufactured by Google partners.

Geared towards the education environment, the chromebooks bring the Chrome Education Upgrade learning tools to teachers and students, and also use the Ocean Glass eco-friendly touchpad, made with recycled plastics from the oceans. Made to face the challenges of a busy school environment, the devices have models with a reinforced design for drops of up to 122 cm and pressure of up to 60 kg.

Positivo's chromebooks

Positivo's chromebooks are convertible models ideal for student literacy, and can be used in tablet mode, for example. Light and intuitive, they allow collaboration between the students in the class and have a battery with autonomy of up to 12 hours to use throughout the school period without the need for recharging. In addition, they can be restarted in a few seconds, which optimizes time in the classroom, and they are free from computer viruses, as they bring updates guaranteed by Google itself over a period of five years.

O Plus Chromebook N2210 comes with a rotating camera perfect for classroom use, while the Plus Chromebook N2212 It is convertible and can be used as a tablet or notebook, ideal for children of different ages. In common, the models have an Intel Celeron processor, 11,6-inch screen, 4GB memory, IP41 protection against drops, reinforced hinges and a retractable carrying handle.

“Our Chromebooks offer technology that helps students improve their school performance and interest in studying, while ensuring that teachers and administrators have a powerful device for lesson preparation and IT management,” says Marielva Andrade Silva. Dias, vice president of the Business Unit for Public Institutions at Positivo Tecnologia.

Positivo Chromebooks used by SEDUC-GO

The Brazilian educational notebook market is heating up as municipal and state governments are adopting hardware for use in institutions. An example is the Secretary of State for Education of Goiás (SEDUC-GO), which, through public bidding, acquired 48.723 models of Positivo Chromebook N2212, in October 2021. The government of that state invested BRL 141.226.051,65. The equipment was distributed to students from state schools in different municipalities, an action that is part of the government's investment plan to promote equal conditions for students. 

“Positivo's Chromebooks bring the technology students need to study and improve school research. They complete our project to promote connectivity conditions and generate equitable and quality education in our state”, says Bruno Correia, IT superintendent at the Goiás State Department of Education.

To learn more about how Positivo Chromebook models can help in teaching and also support the pedagogical project at your school, visit Positive website.


Positivo is a brand of computers, smartphones, tablets and accessories belonging to Positivo Tecnologia. The Brazilian technology company has, in addition to Positivo, a portfolio of own and represented brands comprising Positivo Casa Inteligente, Positivo Servers & Solutions, Positivo Tech Services, Positivo As a Service, VAIO, Compaq, Anker, Infinix, 2A.M and Educational.

Positivo Tecnologia also develops, manufactures and markets devices for connected environments, products for IT infrastructure such as servers, intelligent payment terminals and integrated educational technology solutions. It also offers IT and mobility equipment rental services, technical support and programmatic media on websites. For additional information about the Positivo brand and the Positivo Tecnologia company, visit the official website of Positivo.

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